Leadership Development

Leadership is a primary focus of FCCLA. As students take responsibility for planning, implementing, and evaluating chapter projects and activities, they develop the skills needed to take the lead in their families, careers, and communities.


Introduction to Leadership

All members have leadership potential whether or not they hold formal chapter leadership positions. It often comes down to exploring abilities, taking risks, and developing a personal leadership style. A successful chapter will recognize that it needs different kinds of leaders for different experiences and will encourage leadership diversity.

Are you a member looking for FCCLA leadership opportunities? Are you an officer looking for information to use in your state? You've come to the right place! Here you can find information on trainings and/or workshop ideas, national and state level opportunities, fundraising projects, and other exciting new ideas.


National Opportunities


FCCLA Leadership Academy

The FCCLA Leadership Academy develops leadership, employability, and 21st Century skills and gives members the opportunity to be recognized for their personal growth efforts. Each academy focuses on specific skills needed for different environments where leadership is vital. From the home, to the workplace, to city hall, participants explore and practice essentials for the roles of family member, wage earner and community leader. The FCCLA Leadership Academy is developed by FCCLA for all FCCLA members to take intensive academies as part of their ultimate leadership experience. Read more


State Officer Training

Network with other officers from across the nation and learn the skills and information that will empower you to lead your state association with confidence.


National Team Training

Connect with members and advisers filling similar roles in other states and gain training and updates from the national organization to help you be successful throughout the year. Team Training members must be appointed by their state adviser.

  • National Connection Network
  • National Competitive Events Network
  • National Finance Network
  • National Membership Network
  • National Program Network
  • State Presidents Network

Questions? Contact: Karen Patti, kpatti@fcclainc.org

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