Please note schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please check back prior to the conference for any changes.

Member Sessions

  • Teen Talks Workshops

    These youth workshops are an opportunity to gain valuable FCS resources and knowledge from fellow FCCLA members from around the country. If you are a member interested in developing and presenting a workshop presentation on one of the following topics, please complete the application.

    Start Writing Your Story

    What story will you write and what legacy will you leave with FCCLA? Jumpstart your FCCLA journey alongside middle school members from across the country as you begin to write Your Story.

    Lead the Charge with Lead4Change

    Your service can shape others’ stories! Join the leadership movement today and learn how participation in a Lead4Change project can win your school or charity $10,000.

    Dress to Impress

    What do you wear when you’re not rockin’ the red? Your style is as unique as Your Story—learn successful strategies to present yourself professionally.

    Be STARccesful

    Remember when you won a gold in your STAR Event, competed at NLC, received a scholarship, and learned skills for life? This can be Your Story! Hear successful STAR Event tactics.

    Taking Down Tobacco 101: The Rise of Vaping

    Learn how teens were targeted by the tobacco and vape industry, understand the facts about e-cigarettes including vapes and Juul, hear from current and former e-cigarette users about nicotine addiction, and see what you can do to help create the first tobacco and nicotine free generation using the online Taking Down Tobacco advocacy program.

    Danger: Dating Violence Ahead

    If only dating was like driving and there were signs notifying you when to Stop, Yield, and Go. Unfortunately, relationships don’t come with a roadmap. To ensure you and your loved ones arrive safely, learn how to identify signs of domestic violence and where to turn for help.

    Define Your Story’s Destination

    You’re in the driver’s seat on the road to success with FCCLA. Encourage your peers to make safe choices on the road through Safe Ride-Save Lives PSA video contest.

    Bringing Families Together

    What’s your favorite family tradition? Collaborate with your FCCLA family to learn and share family-fun activities and ideas to bring home to yours.

    $mart $aving $trategies

    If money grew on trees and you could visit one tree once a day how much money would you pick? Saving money is not common “cents,” learn how to avoid overspending and successfully budget for your future.

    Managing Stress Together

    Your Story is Our Story - Stress and anxiety weighing you down? FCCLA is here to pick you up! Learn stress and anxiety coping strategies alongside FCCLA members as you go off to write the story of your dreams.

  • Project Idea Session

    Searching for new ideas for your chapter’s next community service project? Join the Project Idea Session to connect with fellow chapters and nonprofit organizations and learn about proven campaigns to improve quality of life within your school and community!

  • Youth Networking

    Join this high-energy, fast-paced session filled with dozens of rapid-fire icebreakers that will give members the opportunity to meet hundreds of other youth leaders from around the country. In this unique session, you’ll be up on your feet the entire time, so be sure to bring your energy and enthusiasm along for the ultimate networking experience for ultimate leaders!

Adviser Sessions

  • Adviser Professional Development Sessions

    Chapter, State, and future advisers seeking professional development are encouraged to take part in FCCLA-specific roundtable presentations on a range of topics presented by the National Consultant Team, FCCLA Advisers, and FCCLA partners. Come away from these mini presentations with great ideas, resources, and connections to assist you in advancing FCCLA within your school and state.

    Your Story, Our Story

    Choose up to 4 tables of networking — Your story is our story as we are all a part of the FCCLA family! Engage with other advisers as you perfect your FCS elevator speech and prepare to celebrate FCCLA’s 75th Anniversary.

    All Star Adviser

    Choose up to 2 tables of networking—From the conference to the classroom, become involved in adviser-to-adviser hands-on lesson plan sharing to assist students as they going for the gold in STAR Events and explore the four Career Pathways.

    Power of YOU

    Choose up to 2 tables of networking—We need advisers to take the lead with the newly updated Power of One National Program. Gather together to use your personal power to get students excited and educated about Power of One.

    Say Yes to FCS

    Choose up to 2 tables of networking—It’s a fact, you love FCS! Continue writing your FCCLA and FCS story as you join us in learning more about: Capitol Leadership, Business and Industry, Perkins V, USDA Grant/State Action Teams, FCCLA’s new branding and marketing guide, and FCS Educator Day/FCCLA Week.

    Secret to Chapter Success

    Choose up to 2 tables of networking—It’s FCCLA story time! Hear new and experienced advisers share their stories and brainstorm ideas of creative successful fundraising, membership recruitment, how to work smarter not harder, and so much more.

    Match Your Passion to a Profession

    Learn by doing—this breakout activity will apply real life skills acquired through FCCLA to the “real world.” Explore FCCLA’s four Career Pathways to see how you can transform your skills, experiences, and interests into a profession.

  • Project Idea Session

    Searching for new ideas for your chapter’s next community service project? Join the Project Idea Session to connect with fellow chapters and nonprofit organizations and learn about proven campaigns to improve quality of life within your school and community!

  • Continuing Education Credit

    Adults participating in the Continuing Education Credit program at the National Fall Conference may receive up to 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU). Required attendance verification forms for participants will be available at the FCCLA Registration Desk. Check with your certification office or degree-granting institution before registering to determine if the CEU will apply toward your professional development program. Preregistration required. Cost: $20 non-refundable fee.

  • Professional Development Units

    Certificates of Professional Development Units (PDUs) for individuals seeking continued certification through the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) will be available onsite. All participating individuals certified in Family and Consumer Sciences are responsible for complying with AAFCS requirements regarding annual reporting. Certificates of completion will be available at the FCCLA Registration Desk.

General Sessions

  • Opening General Session

    Members of the 2019-2020 National Executive Council (NEC) will welcome attendees to the National Fall Conference.

    Juan BendañaOpening Session Speaker - Juan Bendaña

    Through his message of Impact & Action, Juan Bendaña creates an environment that makes both students and staff feel valued, influential, and engaged. Juan helps students realize they can make an impact so that they can make a difference in school & in life. He is the founder of The Good Effect – a training and curriculum program that helps students make better decisions while making an Impact on their schools & communities. Juan had people in his life that gave him the confidence and direction to follow his passions & make an impact – he wants to give that back. His home is Toronto, Canada, he is a former snowboard instructor, sushi expert, and can recite every word of the lion king. To learn more about Juan Bendaña, visit his website.

  • Closing General Session

    Join the NEC as they will help you own your story as the 2019 National Fall Conference comes to a close!

    Ketric NewellClosing Session Speaker - Ketric Newell

    At a young age, Ketric Newell was bursting with an energy and drive for helping others. For years he positively impacted his peers until that energy became his life’s passion. Author of Liar, Liar, Mullet of Fire, Ketric positively reaches the lives of thousands of students each year across the country speaking at camps, schools, and retreats with his encouraging messages of hope. He lives in Nashville, TN with his family, where he is the Founder and CEO of The Teen Dream Center, a nonprofit organization. Through one-on-one mentorship, at-risk teens throughout the city can find hope, belonging and purpose as they come alive and grow into who they were meant to be.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.