Recruitment Activities

Use the recruitment activities and resources below to help increase your chapter membership!

FCCLA® Red Blazer Locker Tags

Show off how incredible your new and returning members are by decorating your school hallways with FCCLA® red blazers.

  • Click here to download the FCCLA® Red Blazer cutout.
  • Print and cut out one FCCLA® Red Blazer for each chapter member.
  • Write a chapter member’s name on each of the cutouts. 
  • Hang the FCCLA® Red Blazers on your chapter members’ lockers for all the students in your school to see!

Here are a few more ways to personalize the locker tag:

  • Add stickers indicating the number of years each member has been affiliated in FCCLA®.
  • Add medals or stickers indicating how returning members placed in competitions.
  • Laminate the tag so members can take them home and save them at the end of the year.

Membership Madness Championship

Ready to make membership recruitment a friendly competition? Use the Membership Madness Championship bracket with your chapter to help recruit even more members.

Click here to download the bracket.

Select eight members to participate in the FCCLA® Membership Madness Championship bracket.

Write the eight participants’ names on the lines furthest to the right and furthest to the left.

Round 1: Participants have until September 9 to recruit and affiliate as many members as possible. The four participants with the most affiliated members will advance to the second round.

Round 2: Participants have until September 16 to recruit and affiliate as many members as possible. The two participants with the most affiliated members will advance to the final round.

Final Round: Participants have until September 23 to recruit and affiliate as many members as possible. The person with the most affiliated members will be declared the “Membership Madness Champion”.

Email with the name of the chapter member who took the title of Membership Madness Champion. Your chapter will receive one (1) free entry into the Membership Madness raffle for one (1) of ten (10) $100 American Express gift cards. Your chapter and Membership Madness Champion will also receive a shout-out in an October Member Minute newsletter that all affiliated members receive.

Open House Checklist

A central part of recruitment is securing prospective members' and families' interest and support. A great way to garner their support is to show them the incREDible things that your chapter has already done in and out of the classroom and what plans your chapter has for the future!

Use the checklist below to host an open house and inform others about FCCLA®.

1. Use the FCCLA® Introductory Presentation to discuss the benefits of FCCLA® and provide a general overview of the organization.

2. Showcase both chapter and individual member achievement. These achievements might include any of the following:

  • Participation in district, regional, state, or national Competitive Events
  • Participation in a National Program
  • Participation in FCCLA partner contests
  • Community involvement, including community service hours members have served
  • Attendance at an FCCLA® conference
  • Go For The Red chapter or individual award recognition

3. Create a take-home packet for prospective members and their families. Suggested resources are linked below:

4. Consider having current members or FCCLA® Alumni share personal highlights of their FCCLA® experience!

  • What have they gained from FCCLA®?
  • What skills has FCCLA® helped them develop?
  • Where have they traveled for FCCLA®?

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.