Adviser Professional Development

FCCLA wants you to be the best FCCLA adviser and FCS teacher you can be. Check out some of these opportunities designed specifically for you!

Adviser Academy - Course One and Two

New Courses Available to All Advisers

FCCLA invites you to expand your leadership skills “Beyond Measure” by participating in the new Adviser Academy courses! New this fall, FCCLA is introducing two, four-track virtual training programs open to any FCCLA adviser. Adviser Academy, Course One, is open to any adviser with fewer than five years of experience. While the Adviser Academy, Course Two, is open to any adviser with more than five years of experience or previous Adviser Academy graduates.

Why Participate?

The Adviser Academy is a great way to grow your knowledge and FCCLA chapter, learn work life balance, develop virtual learning lesson plans, network with other advisers, gain year-long support from National FCCLA, and more!

Graduates from the new Adviser Academy will be recognized at the 2021 National Leadership Conference during the Recognition Session, will receive an FCCLA certificate of completion, and two Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Additionally, participating advisers will have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with their state adviser and be engaged at the state level.

What are the Courses?

The new Adviser Academy courses offer four exciting and educational tracks! Check out the Adviser Academy Course One and Course Two curriculum for a sneak peak of what’s in store! All courses will be held at 6:00 PM EDT on the dates indicated.

How to Apply?

The cost to participate is $50 per course. To apply, fill out the Course One or Course Two application.

You must be an affiliated adviser or on a pending invoice, meet the required advising years as determined for each course, and communicate your participation with your state adviser before completing the application.

Applicants will be notified of acceptance by October 5, 2020 and an invoice will be added to your portal. Payment is due by October 23, 2020 to participate in the academy. 

National Consultant Team

The National Consultant Team (NCT) consists of talented and successful FCCLA advisers with expertise in chapter management, national programs and activities, intra-curricular work, membership development, public policy, and visibility. Members of the NCT are chosen by national staff to develop trainings, lead workshops, and serve as an extension of national staff.

2021-2022 National Consultant Team

  • Alaina Tharp - Ohio

    Alaina Tharp has been teaching Family and Consumer Sciences and advising FCCLA at Tri-Valley High School since 2017. She has experience at the regional, state, and national level both as a student and adviser. As a 4-year member in high school, she participated at the regional, state, and national levels. This sparked her excitement and drive to re-establish an FCCLA chapter at Tri-Valley High School.  As an adviser, her experiences as a member are her driving force for giving back to her students and other FCCLA members and advisers. She has served on Ohio’s Career Development Events committee and provided professional development opportunities related to FCS and FCCLA. She is very passionate about the content taught in FCS and FCCLA because of the valuable real-world skills that lead to independence, healthy living, and overall future success! In addition to FCS and FCCLA, she enjoys serving on the OATFACS Board and planning committee, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends. She and her husband Jake have three children; Jase, Jordan, and Jemma.

  • Sherry Vogel - Iowa

    Sherry Vogel is the FCS and FCCLA teacher at Southeast Valley High School in Gowrie, Iowa.  Ms. Vogel has been teaching for 32 years and has been an FCCLA adviser for 28 years. Sherry has been actively involved on the district, state, and national level of FCCLA. She has started several FCCLA chapters, had numerous district, state, and national officer candidates, and is currently the adviser to the Iowa State FCCLA President. Ms. Vogel has done extensive work with her members in STAR Events and has previously served on the CEAT committee and been a lead consultant at the national STAR Event competition. She is also currently serving as the President-Elect of the Iowa FCCLA Board of Directors. Sherry is very excited to be selected as an FCCLA National Consultant. She hopes to give advisers and members a sense of creativity and fun to their chapters by building on their existing ideas and expanding them to create something that will excite both the adviser and member. Sherry hopes to promote the FCCLA programs and mission while at the same time expanding her knowledge to better help the advisers in our organization. In her spare time, Sherry enjoys cheering on the Iowa State Cyclones, reading, and quilting.

National Consultant Team Available for Training

Are you looking for skilled FCCLA advisers to train your students and future FCS teachers? The National Consultant Team (NCT) is here to assist you! Their mission is to empower, support, and train FCCLA advisers. For more information, contact

Join the National Consultant Team

Read the instructions and complete the application. The submission deadline is October 1, 2021. For questions, contact

New Adviser Handbook

FCCLA’s New Adviser Handbook is a free resource that offers valuable insight for potential and new chapter advisers in the areas of chapter management, competitive events, adviser roles and benefits, basic FCCLA information, and more!

FCCLA Adviser Facebook Group

Over 2,700 FCCLA advisers across the nation are members of National FCCLA’s private Facebook group. This FCCLA adviser only page is great resource for sharing ideas and resources. Some of National FCCLA staff and consultants are also members and available to help answer questions!

FCCLA Adviser Professional Standards

FCCLA chapter advisers are valued professionals delivering intra-curriculum leadership education in the Family and Consumer Sciences pathway and comprehensive programs.  The purpose of the FCCLA Adviser Professional Standards is to bring the FCCLA leadership elements to a reference publication.  This publication contains the adviser standards with learning outcomes developed by  representatives from FCS leadership teams,  secondary,  and postsecondary instructors. The adviser standards and the learning outcomes were shared with a larger group of leadership representatives through a criticality survey. Leadership representatives were asked to rank each learning outcome as to their importance in chapter adviser training and chapter management success.

FCCLA Adviser Professional Standards Criticality Survey

The criticality survey contains instructional criteria for FCCLA Professional Adviser Standards and the related learning outcomes. Each learning outcome was rated by the field as to how important it is to include as a foundational outcome for current FCCLA chapter advisers or future advisers completing a traditional or alternative teacher-licensing program. The ratings values used are as follows:

  1. Nice to Know = Helpful, but not critical for all advisers
  2. Need to Know = Advisers should know, or know how to find information
  3. Critical to Know = Essential skills and knowledge for all advisers. Any standard receiving above 2.0 as the average rating reflects the knowledge needed or essential to be a successful FCCLA Adviser.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.