Virtual Leadership Experience

FCCLA is excited to offer the first-ever Virtual Leadership Experience (VLE), a virtual enrichment program for chapter advisers to integrate FCCLA into your FCS classroom with career experts and FCCLA leaders providing information and resources on FCS Career Pathways and FCCLA National Programs. VLE will provide advisers and students the opportunity to hear from motivational speakers, strengthen real world skills, navigate a College and Industry Resource Fair, meet the 2020-2021 National Executive Council, explore Career Pathways, discover National Program presentations, and more! All Career Pathway and National Program presentations will be delivered in lesson plan format to empower advisers to incorporate all the enrichment videos, presentations, and activities into your FCS classroom through the lesson plans, resources, and materials provided. In addition to the VLE content, members can participate in Skill Demonstration Events and the FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl.

FCCLA Virtual Leadership Experience

VLE will be hosted on a virtual platform, December 8, 2020 through February 12, 2021 and can be accessed through the comfort and convenience of your home or classroom. Chapters will need to register for VLE to get access to the FCS enrichment videos, lesson plans, and materials. All corresponding materials to the content videos can be downloaded. To access the platform, you will need a computer, personal tablet, or mobile phone with internet access. Each affiliated member of a chapter can log into the virtual platform using their unique email address on file in the FCCLA portal. As VLE gets closer, FCCLA will provide all registered attendees with the platform URL. Technical support will be available if you have issues logging in or navigating the platform.

    • Virtual Leadership Experience Features and Highlights

      VLE is a great opportunity for students to get involved in FCCLA and advisers to integrate FCCLA into their FCS classrooms and curriculum. Each affiliated member in a VLE registered chapter will be able to download the resources and information available into their own virtual “backpack” for future reference and use. The following items are highlights of what will be available as a resource for advisers and members to download and utilize within the VLE platform:

      • FCS and FCCLA National program and partner highlights
      • FCCLA Chapter Management presentations
      • Career Pathway lesson plans and interviews with industry experts
      • National Program lesson plans with handouts and activities
      • Real World Skills lesson plans
      • Fundraising presentations
      • Some of the best Virtual National Leadership Conference sessions
      • National Executive Council motivational moments
      • Competitive Events recognition
      • Motivational speakers with activity resources
      • FCS Industry and University Fair
      • FCCLA Week planning board and celebration
    • Register for the Virtual Leadership Experience

      Prior to registering for VLE, you and any members wishing to participate must be affiliated. Once you have affiliated you are ready to register! Follow these five steps to register you and your entire affiliated chapter members for VLE:

      1. Log into your FCCLA Chapter Portal
      2. Go to the ‘Meetings & Events’ tab
      3. Select the ‘Virtual Leadership Experience’
      4. Click on the ‘Register Chapter’ button and click ‘Next’ until you click ‘Finish’
      5. Select the red ‘Accept Disclaimers’ button and once that is complete, select the red ‘Submit Registration’ button to confirm

      The registration fee is $150 for a whole chapter and provides access for every affiliated adviser and member. VLE registration will close on February 12, 2021 so be sure to register early to have access for the most amount of time and take advantage of all the opportunities available exclusively through the platform!

    • Compete in Skill Demonstration Events and FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl

      Skill Demonstration Events and FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl (Top 40 qualified teams only) will take place virtually prior to the Virtual Leadership Experience. The exact dates are listed below. FCCLA will be congratulating the top 16 FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl National Leadership Conference qualifying teams on the VLE platform on December 11, 2020.

      • September 15 – October 15: FCCLA/LifeSmarts Online Team Testing
      • October 16: Notification of Top 40 FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl Teams
      • November 2-6: Online Skill Demonstration Challenge Event Testing
      • November 9 -13: Skill Demonstration Event Evaluations
      • November 16- 20: FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl Top 40 Team Interviews

      To register a member for Skill Demonstration Events, the student member will need to be affiliated and the chapter will need to be registered for the Virtual Leadership Experience. At the time of registration, the project presentation URL link will be needed. The video submission may be uploaded to YouTube, a school website, or any other site as long as the link provides access to the presentation or the presentation is made public. National FCCLA will validate that access to all URL links work during the week of October 27-30, 2020. You will receive email communication if the URL link does work or the proper access is not granted. The student competitors must be registered by October 26, 2020. Check with the 2020-2021 Competitive Events Guide located in the FCCLA portal ‘Resources’ tab for specific event details. Skill Demonstration Event participation costs $10 per person and Knowledge Bowl will be $100 per team with a maximum of 40 teams accepted to participate.

      If you are seeking support for one of the Chapter Leadership Packages, we suggest you also add this enrichment to your request by downloading and updating the Request to Support Letter to give to your school’s administration to gain support and seek funding of your chapter’s participation in VLE. For any questions, please call 703-476-4900 or email

      We can’t wait to see you learn “Beyond Measure” at FCCLA’s Virtual Leadership Experience!

    • Presentations at Virtual Leadership Experience

      FCCLA is looking forward to hosting the Virtual Leadership Conference starting December 8, 2020. The submittal deadline for presentations has passed, but the dates for material submittal are listed below.  Also, the Virtual Presentation Recording Tips and the Power of One Program Lesson are included below. 

      October 16 – Presentation outline and lesson plan due
      October 23 – Presentation outline and lesson plan feedback provided
      November 6 – Recorded presentation video due

      Email with any questions or for assistance with the application.

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