FCCLA National Staff






Phone: (703) 476-4900
Sandy Spavone, Executive Director, ext. 300
Michelle Hedrick, Executive Assistant, ext. 305
Mark Hornby, Director of Operations, ext. 306
Ana Torres, Sr. Staff Accountant, ext. 313
Charles Carson, Mailroom Manager, ext. 317


Nancy Bock, Director of Partnerships, ext. 338
Marla Burk, Director of Conferences, ext. 304
Kelley Conners, Meetings Manager, ext. 335
Sara Quinn, Conferences Assistant, ext. 334
Caitlin Osbourne, Membership Manager, ext. 318
Janet Ryder, Communications Manager, ext. 311
Coryn Green, Communications & Membership Assistant, ext. 333


Karen Patti, Director of Youth Leadership, ext. 309

Ashley Nelson, Professional Development Manager, ext. 331
Noelle Barge, Administrative Assistant, ext 316

Beth Carpenter, Director of Programs, ext. 302
Margaret Mainguy, Programs Coordinator, ext. 307
Christine Hollingsworth, Sr. Competitive Events Manager, ext. 301

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