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June 1945

Future Homemakers of America was founded at a convention in Chicago, Illinois.

July 1948

The first national convention was held in Kansas City, Missouri.


Future Homemakers of America’s membership peaked at 607,175.

July 1973

The organization’s first male national officer, Toney Bingham, from Washington, DC, was elected.

December 1977

Rhode Island was the last of the 53 state associations (including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands) to affiliate.

July 1980

The National Board of Directors approved the purchase of land on which to build a national headquarters and leadership center in Reston, Virginia.

July 1981

Monya Frazier from Florence, South Carolina, was elected the organization’s first black national president.

September 28, 1981

The official groundbreaking ceremony was held at the building site in Reston, Virginia.

July 1983

The national headquarters and leadership center was dedicated during the 1983 National Leadership Meeting in Washington, DC.

Fall 1983

A series of regional Cluster Meetings began.

Fall 1984

For the first time, one copy of Teen Times, the national magazine, was sent to every member.

Winter 1985

The Adviser newsletter was introduced for chapter advisers.

July 1986

Thomas Lucas from Milton, West Virginia, was elected the organization’s first male national president.

January 1994

The pilot program for middle level affiliations was approved to begin in September 1995.

July 1999

Voting delegates voted in favor of the proposed name change to Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

September 2003

“The Ultimate Leadership Experience”, the tagline chosen by members, was used on all national materials.

September 2005

The first all four-color Teen Times was sent to all nationally affiliated members.

September 2009

The Family and Consumer Sciences Knowledge Bowl was introduced as a new competitive event.

July 2011

The FCCLA Leadership Academy was launched to provide national opportunities and recognition to any member seeking leadership development.

September 2011

Technology-based, online STAR Events and a new type of competitive event, called Skill Demonstration Events, were included in the newly named Competitive Events Guide.

July, 2014

33 STAR Events were offered, including the new FCCLA Chapter Website, Applied Math for Culinary Management, and Sports Nutrition events. A record was set for the number of STAR Events participants (4,178 members) competing at the 2014 National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, TX.

July 2015

FCCLA hosted a “70 Years Strong” anniversary rally on Capitol Hill, drawing thousands of FCCLA members to advocate for strong Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) education in schools.


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