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2017-2018 Marketing Strategy Calendar


The 2017-2018 Marketing Strategy Calendar is available! This year's theme isĀ !nspiRED. The calendar highlights the upcoming monthly themes and the hashtags to use for social media engagement. Click here to view the calendar.


Adviser Academy


The FCCLA Adviser Academy is a five-track certificate program open to any adviser with fewer than seven years of experience including recent university graduates. The Adviser Academy is comprised of four professional development tracks held during the FCCLA National Leadership Conference and one track completed at the state level within one year.


Graduates from Adviser Academy are recognized at the National Leadership Conference and will receive an FCCLA certificate of completion as well as CEUs for work completed.


Adviser Academy Brochure


New Adviser Handbook


This resource is free and offers valuable insight for potential and new chapter advisers in the areas of chapter management, competitive events, adviser roles and benefits, basic FCCLA information, and more.  To view and print the PDF version of the handbook, click here.



New Advisers

Do you aim to instill students with a love of learning? Advising an FCCLA chapter can be an excellent adventure with rich rewards, a stronger FACS program, closer relationships with students, and personal and professional recognition. Keep your eye on the prize, relax, and rely on your students creativity and enthusiasm!

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