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Are you a member looking for FCCLA leadership opportunities? Are you interested in running for national office? You've come to the right place!


2018 National Executive Council Election Information:

Candidates, their chapter and state advisers, nominating committee members, and voting delegates should review the information below carefully to ensure they are fully prepared.

“Running for a national office is a very rewarding process. You will be challenged and grow in more ways than you knew were possible. No matter the outcome, the skills you gain and people you will meet will have a lifelong impact on you.” - Grace Belize Anderson, 2017-2018 National President


2018 National Elections Step-by-Step Guide - A comprehensive guide to the election process written for candidates.

2018-2019 National Executive Council/Adviser Handbook - This handbook is full of information essential to the 2018-2019 National Executive Council and their chapter advisers. Elected officers and their advisers are expected to be familiar with the content of the handbook.

2018 National Officer Candidate Intent to Run Form - This form indicates a candidate's commitment to run for a national office and helps national staff ensure that all candidates' applications are accepted so deadlines for conference logistics and the election process are met. The form must be completed no later than April 15, 2018, but may be submitted any time after a candidate has been formally approved to run by their state association.

2018 National Officer Candidate Application (PDF)
2018 National Officer Candidate Application (Word Document)
The NOC Application is a combination of releases and support forms and a tool for determining a candidate's eligibility and qualifications. The application must be postmarked by May 1, 2018.

2018 Campaign Policy


2018 Election & Voting Delegate Information

2018 National Elections Speech Topic - All candidates must develop a speech centered on the official speech topic. Speeches must be no longer than three minutes. Props and costumes are not allowed. The speech will be delivered during NOC Nominating Committee interviews and the NOC Speeches session.

2018 Speech Topic

Describe the leadership qualities of others that have inspired and prepared you for a potential role as a national officer.  



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