Youth Scholarships


2018-2019 FCCLA Youth Scholarships

FCCLA and its partners and sponsors award up to $480,000 in scholarships and awards annually. FCCLA members are encouraged to apply for the following youth scholarship opportunities.

Partner Scholarships



Taking Down Tobacco Trainer of the Year Scholarship

FCCLA is proud to partner with Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids for the Taking Down Tobacco initiative. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who has engaged in the Taking Down Tobacco and Train the Trainer programs and highlights the advocacy skills they received from the trainings in an essay format. One (1) student will be awarded $1,000.


Applicants must have completed the Taking Down Tobacco training and be registered trainers on and be nationally affiliated members of FCCLA by March 1, 2019.



Japanese Exchange Scholarship

Japanese Exchange is a scholarship opportunity for FCCLA members to travel to Japan for four-to-six weeks as an exchange student. This scholarship is funded by the Kikkoman Corporation and administered by Youth For Understanding (YFU) USA.  Fourteen FCCLA members receive scholarships worth more than $11, 000 each.


Members must be in their sophomore or junior year in high school. YFU Japan has an eligibility age range for students posted on the YFU website. The scholarship application is located on Youth for Understanding, USA's website. Members must complete the application along with the FCCLA Supplement Form on YFU’s website. To learn more visit


National Technical Honor Society Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to two (2) qualified FCCLA members, who are also current members of the National Technical Honor Society. Recipients will be selected based on their contribution and leadership within Family, Career and Community Leaders, as well as the National Technical Honor Society. The $1,000 scholarship is applied directly to the college or university for tuition, room, or board. See application for eligibility and rules.


Apply here.


College/University Scholarships


FCCLA Memorial Scholarship

The FCCLA Memorial Scholarship honors the leadership and contributions of members and leaders and is open to FCCLA members who are graduating high school seniors pursuing a four-year degree at an accredited institution. Applicants should exhibit oustanding leadership, community service, and demonstrate well-roundedness through various activities. A one-time scholarship award of $2,500 will be payable directly to the college or university they are enrolled in for the fall semester. Funds must be applied toward tuition, room, and/or board. Application deadline is March 1, 2019 at 5:00 PM EST.


The Honorees of the FCCLA Memorial Scholarship


Coleene Jossy (1999)

Coleene Jossy was a former member and alumni member of FCCLA. Coleene was a strong supporter of FCCLA, and worked with many states through her business in Washington State, Atlas World Travel.


Beth Middleton (1999)

Beth Middleton was th 1997-98 National Vice-President of Individual Programs and served as an intern with the FCCLA national organization during the summer of 1999. Beth had also served the national organization as an A PLUS facilitator and as a STOP the Violence program facilitator.


Frank W.H. Fort (2008)

Frank W.H.Fort was an FCCLA state adviser for New Mexico, a member of the National Board of Directors of FCCLA, National President of the State Supervisors (NASAFACS) division of ACTE, a National Alumni Achievement Award recipient of FCCLA and a strong advocate of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education and FCCLA youth leadership opportunities throughout his life.



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