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Try these 3 Ways to Recruit Members:

  • Sponsor a "bring a buddy" campaign. Have each member bring at least one friend to a chapter or district/regional meeting and then encourage that person to join.
  • Challenge each member to ask three other people to join. It never hurts to ask! Explain to students the Go For the Red membership campaign as an incentive.
  • Volunteer to help with new student orientation programs, including FCCLA as a potential activity for students.

Try these 3 Ways to Retain Members:

  • Hold a fundraiser late in the year and use profits to reduce the cost of dues the following year.
  • Organize a fun event with another local FCCLA chapter. This event could be a leadership workshop, a community service project, an event featuring various career pathways, and more.
  • Ask local businesses to give special discounts to members who show their FCCLA membership card.

Try these 3 Ways to Recognize Members:

  • Design a "member of the week" program. Highlight the member's interests, hobbies, dreams, and accomplishments during the week.
  • Create a bulletin board right outside your classroom. Post the successes of your chapter.
  • Design a chapter newsletter that can be sent to all chapter members, their parents, school administrators and board members, and community members.



Membership Team

Caitlin Garrity
Membership Manager
(703) 476-4900 Ext 318
Anna MacDonald
Finance & Membership Assistant
(703) 476-4900 Ext 310

Membership Questions membership@fcclainc.org

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