National Leadership Conference

Join FCCLA in Seattle, WA this summer from June 29-July 3 for an incredible journey at the 2024 National Leadership Conference!

All affiliated members and advisers are invited to attend. This is the perfect opportunity to network with members and advisers from across the nation, attend leadership workshops, participate in Competitive Events, explore career pathways, and learn from industry experts.

Ensure you seize the remarkable opportunity to be part of the Ultimate Leadership Experience during the upcoming 2024 National Leadership Conference! 


To explore more about the conference, select the pages to the left. If you have any questions, please contact, and we would be happy to help.

Seattle Convention CenterDATE: June 29 – July 3, 2024



Seattle Convention Center – Summit Building
900 Pine Street
Seattle, WA  98101


  • Required Forms and Adviser/Chaperone Video

    2024 NLC Required Student Member Forms: Student members are required to complete the 2024 NLC Required Student Member Forms and provide to their chapter adviser/chaperone. These forms include:

    • Student Member and Youth Guest Conduct Form
    • Student Member Attendance Permission Form
    • Mandatory Dress Code Form

    The chapter adviser/chaperone should have each member’s forms on hand while onsite at the conference. National FCCLA does not require a copy of these forms.

    2024 NLC Required Adviser & Chaperone Forms: Any adult traveling with students to the National Leadership Conference is required to complete the 2024 NLC Required Adviser & Chaperone Forms. These forms include:

    • Adviser/Chaperone Conduct Form
    • Adviser/Chaperone Mandatory Dress Code Form
    • New! Adviser/Chaperone Consent Form

    Please Note: All advisers/chaperones are required to view the Adviser/Chaperone Consent Video and complete the Adviser/Chaperone Consent Form to provide at the onsite NLC Registration Desk to obtain registration materials.

    The Adviser/Chaperone Consent video can be found below or in the FCCLA Portal under Resources/2024 National Leadership Conference.


    • Adviser/Chaperone Consent Form


    • Student Member and Youth Guest Conduct Form
    • Student Member Attendance Permission Form
    • Student Mandatory Dress Code Form
    • Adviser/Chaperone Conduct Form
    • Adviser/Chaperone Mandatory Dress Code Form
  • Attendee Justification

    Looking for ways to gain support for you and your chapter to attend the FCCLA National Leadership Conference? Look no further than the FCCLA Justification Letter Template. Use this fillable letter to help you request support from your administration and showcase the value of the conference and what you stand to gain from attending.


    For questions regarding these resources, please email

  • Sponsorship Letter Templates

    Unlocking opportunities for FCCLA Members and Advisers to attend the National Leadership Conference (NLC) is crucial in fostering leadership and educational excellence. To assist in this endeavor, we have created customizable sponsorship letter templates designed for both chapter members and state officers.  

    These templates serve as valuable resources to help secure local sponsorships or funding to cover expenses associated with attending NLC. Whether you are a dedicated chapter member seeking support or a state officer representing FCCLA at a broader level, these templates provide a professional and comprehensive framework to reach out to local businesses. Feel free to download and tailor these templates to your specific needs, showcasing the incredible impact of your journey to NLC.  



    Share Your Resources 

    Do you have a great fundraising resource or idea that has worked wonders for your FCCLA Chapter? We encourage you to share your success stories and strategies with the FCCLA family. Your valuable insights could inspire and benefit others.  

    Please email your resources or ideas to, and let's collaboratively empower FCCLA chapters across the nation to reach new heights! 

  • Important Dates and Deadlines

    FEBRUARY 28, 2024

    • Pre-Registration Webinar - Click here to register

    MARCH 1, 2024       

    • National Leadership Conference Registration Opens

    APRIL 24, 2024

    MAY 3, 2024          

    • Early Bird Registration ends for states with state meetings prior to April 25
    • STAR Events Registration ends for states with state meetings prior to April 25
    • Skill Demonstration Events Registration Deadline for states with state meetings prior to April 25
    • Challenge Test Registration Deadline for states with state meetings prior to April 25
    • Special Assistance Requests Due
    • Content Creator Program Application Deadline
    • National Anthem Singer Application Deadline

    MAY 15, 2024        

    • Early Bird Registration ends for states with state meetings on or after April 25
    • STAR Events Registration ends for states with state meetings on or after April 25
    • Skill Demonstration Events Registration Deadline for states with state meetings on or after April 25
    • Challenge Test Registration Deadline for states with state meetings on or after April 25
    • Housing Cancellation Deadline to avoid cancellation fees of $450 per room
    • Say Yes to FCS Signing Ceremony Application Deadline

    MAY 27, 2024

    • STAR Events Substitution Deadline
    • Skill Demonstration Event Substitution Deadline
    • Challenge Test Substitution Deadline
    • Regular Registration Ends
    • Ultimate Journey Registration Package Ends, if available
    • Name Change/Substitution Deadline for no additional fee
    • Registration Cancellation Deadline to receive eligible refunds 
    • Housing Reservation Deadline to receive FCCLA rate, based on availability
    • Corrugated Tri-Fold Display Board Pre-Order Ends
    • Adviser Roundtable Interest Form Submission Deadline
    • FCCLA Showcase Application Deadline

    JUNE 6, 2024

    • Attendee Orientation Webinar - Click here to register. 

    JUNE 10, 2024

    • Check payments due to selected hotel (if paying final hotel payment with a check).
    • Credit card authorization forms due to the selected hotel (if paying final hotel payment with a credit card, not in your possession).

    JUNE 19, 2024

    • Payment Deadline for NLC Registration to avoid a late fee of $25 per invoice.
  • Dress Code

    FCCLA's Board of Directors has set forth a mandatory dress code policy. Please review the policy prior to attending to ensure you and your students do not miss out on any sessions.

    The FCCLA official dress is worn for National FCCLA activities per the dress code as outlined. Students may select the attire that best fits the gender with which they identify. This is a personal choice as long as the FCCLA guidelines are followed.

    • FCCLA red blazerDress Code
    • Professional white or black shirt
    • Neckwear options can include the neckwear from the official emblematic supplier, black or red tie, black or red bow tie, single strand of pearls, red black, and/or white scarf, or no neckwear
    • Black bottoms (slacks, skirt, sheath dress)
    • Shoes (black preferred)
    • Jeans, tshirts, athletic wear are NOT acceptable

    Exception: Culinary Arts participants are welcome to wear their Chef’s Attire during the STAR Events Finalist Sessions.

    • Business professional
    • Jeans, shorts, tshirts, athletic wear are NOT acceptable

    STAR Events participants are expected to adhere to the published dress code. For participation in competition, follow event specifications for dress. If attending conference activities prior to or immediately after a presentation, be prepared to change into clothing that meets the conference dress code.


    All Attendees

    • School-appropriate casual attire
  • We Help Two Fundraising

    For four consecutive years, FCCLA has proudly partnered with We Help Two to drive positive change through the sale of our funky socks. We believe in fundraising with a purpose, and We Help Two shares that vision by benefiting two causes simultaneously. 

    Through their innovative fundraising approach, not only do organizations raise funds for their specific cause, but they also contribute to their local community through We Help Two's sock donation program at no additional cost! 

    Whether you choose to purchase socks virtually (coming soon) or on-site at the conference, your support extends beyond funky fashion; it creates a ripple effect of impact, reaching both our global and local communities.

    Need a fundraiser to attend NLC? Consider hosting your own funky sock fundraiser, click here for more information and to get started today.

    Clubfoot Repair

    FCCLA is dedicated to amplifying its impact by directing funds raised from the initial sale of 100 sock packs towards providing life-changing clubfoot treatment for infants in India.

    This initiative aims to empower these babies to overcome the challenges posed by clubfoot, enabling them to lead lives free from disability and experience the joy of unrestricted movement. Through your support in purchasing funky socks, you directly contribute to the well-being and future mobility of these young individuals, making a meaningful difference in their lives. Join us in taking steps towards a brighter and more inclusive future for children facing clubfoot challenges in India.

    2024 NLC Sock Donation Location

    For the 2024 National Leadership Conference, the 2023-2024 National Executive Council has chosen Operation Nightwatch as the Seattle-based service organization to receive this year's sock donations. For every two (2) 3-pair sock packs or three (3) single pairs sold during the conference, one (1) pair will be donated to Operation Nightwatch, based in Seattle, WA.

    About Operation Nightwatch

    Operating in Seattle, WA, Operation Nightwatch is a grassroots, volunteer-led organization devoted to providing support and care for neighbors experiencing poverty and homelessness. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, their mission has evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the downtown Seattle community.

    Every night, a dedicated team of volunteers offers warm, donated meals to homeless individuals starting at 9:00 pm, filling a crucial gap left by other programs that may have closed for the night. Operation Nightwatch collaborates with partner organizations to provide overnight shelter for both men and women, contributing to existing shelter spaces or covering fees.

    Notably, their support extends to formerly-homeless seniors through a small apartment building with 24 units designed for individuals over the age of 62. Originating as a street outreach ministry, Operation Nightwatch continues to forge connections, deliver resources, and advocate for those in need. Their ongoing commitment involves assisting individuals in securing housing, providing essential items for work, aiding in ID replacement, and offering support for various challenges individuals may face.

    Through continuous education and advocacy, Operation Nightwatch strives to create a compassionate and supportive community for everyone they serve.

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Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.