FCCLA Week: February 8 – 12, 2021

Mark your calendars now for February 8-12, 2021 and prepare to soar “Beyond Measure” by participating in a fun-filled week of celebrating FCCLA and Family and Consumer Sciences education. Whether you’re currently in the classroom or learning from home, every day of FCCLA Week has a unique theme and an opportunity for your chapter to create a customizable experience for each student and supporter!

Utilize the resources to get the most out of your chapter and classroom’s FCCLA Week participation. When downloading the social media graphics, be sure to click ‘File’ and then ‘Copy’ so you can create your own posts. Don’t forget to use #fcclaweek and tag @NationalFCCLA when posting on social media for a chance to be reposted by National FCCLA and included in the 2021 FCCLA Week in review video.

Email the communications team at communications@fcclainc.org with questions. 

Weekly Chapter Activities

  • Have a chapter potluck or have lunch together virtually!
  • Go on the morning announcements and share why FCCLA and FCS education is important
  • Create a video of your chapter and share with the school about the importance of FCS education and post it on social media.
  • Have a spirit day with everyone wearing their favorite FCCLA gear either in-person or virtually!
  • Play FCCLA Bingo with your class!
  • Encourage your students to interact with @NationalFCCLA social media stories throughout the week.
  • Participate in the FCCLA Virtual Auction (details coming soon)
  • Participate in the FCCLA Call-A-Thon (details coming soon)
  • Print Beyond Measure graphic and write in an adjective that describes how you’ve gone beyond measure this year and take a photo! 
  • Participate in the FCCLA "What's Your Why" social media campaign. Record a video of your “why” and help inspire others who may be wondering why they should participate in FCCLA this year. Submit your video to communications@fcclainc.org
  • Use FCCLA Week Lesson Plan
  • Share the FCCLA Press Release (coming soon)

Daily Social Media Challenges and Activities

  • Monday, February 8: Grow Beyond Measure

    Fire up FCCLA week by sharing with your classmates why and how FCCLA has helped you grow beyond measure. #GrowBeyondMeasure

    Social Media Challenge:  We are kicking FCCLA Week by going beyond measure! Post photos of what your chapter has done this year and show off how they've grown! #fcclaweek #growbeyondmeasure

    Example Posts:

    1. We are going beyond measure this week! Our chapter has grown by (Fill in how your chapter has grown). #fcclaweek #Growbeyondmeasure
    2. Our chapter is proud to announce that we’ve continued our FCCLA membership this year and we continue to grow with FCS!  (Post with a photo of your chapter). #fcclaweek #Growbeyondmeasure
  • Tuesday, February 9: Influence Beyond Measure

    As a part of FCCLA, you influence others beyond measure through community service, leadership skills, and your attitude. Share who your influences are and how you’ve influenced others. #InfluenceBeyondMeasure

    Social Media Challenge:  

    As you influence beyond measure, think of the FCCLA legacy you want to leave! How have you left an influence in your community?
    Post photos of the community service projects your chapter has done this year!
    #fcclaweek #influencebeyondmeasure

    Example Posts

    1. Our chapter has influenced our community by (fill with answer). #fcclaweek #Influencebeyondmeasure
    2. FCCLA has influenced my life by (insert your influence).  
      #fcclaweek #Influencebeyondmeasure
  • Wednesday, February 10: Educate Beyond Measure

    Take part in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Educator Day by thanking the educators in your life and sharing how they are beyond measure. #EducateBeyondMeasure

    Social Media Challenge:

    Have you said Yes to FCS?! If not, today is a great day to do so! Today we celebrate our advisers and those planning on entering the field!
    Post photos with your Say Yes to FCS sign!
    #fcclaweek #educatebeyondmeasure #fcsedday #sayyestofcs

    Example Posts

    1. I say Yes to FCS! #fcclaweek #educatebeyondmeasure
    2. FCS Education is vital to student education, and I am proud to be a part of this movement. #fcclaweek #educatebeyondmeasure

    Chapter Activities

    1. Celebrate the adviser in your life and give a rose to your adviser
    2. Print out Say Yes to FCS graphic and take a photo with you celebrating saying Yes to FCS!


  • Thursday, February 11: Advocate Beyond Measure

    Share with others how FCCLA has allowed you to advocate beyond measure for your future careers as well as your independent adult life. How have you learned how to “adult”? #AdvocateBeyondMeasure

    Social Media Challenge:  Tell us, how you Stand Up and advocate for FCCLA/FCS? #fcclaweek #advocatebeyondmeasure

    Example Posts

    1. We advocate for FCCLA/FCS beyond measure by (fill in how you advocate for FCCLA/FCS) #fcclaweek #advocatebeyondmeasure
    2. We Stand Up and advocate for FCS everyday by (fill in the blank) #fcclaweek #advocatebeyondmeasure
  • Friday, February 12: Lead Beyond Measure

    Lead beyond measure by showing your FCCLA spirit. Red out and decorate your day with red clothing, signs, food and decorations. #LeadBeyondMeasure

    Social Media Challenge:

    Celebrate the end of FCCLA Week by telling us what leadership means to you! How do you hope to lead beyond measure through FCCLA?

    #fcclaweek #leadbeyondmeasure

    Example Posts

    1. Rockin’ the Red today and every day! #fcclaweek #leadbeyondmeasure
    2. My chapter rocks the red everyday out in the community, in school and at home! We have some fantastic leaders here. #fcclaweek #leadbeyondmeasure

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.