National Consultant Team

The National Consultant Team (NCT) consists of talented and successful FCCLA advisers with expertise in chapter management, national programs and activities, intra-curricular work, membership development, public policy, and visibility. Members of the NCT are chosen by national staff to develop training sessions, lead workshops, and serve as an extension of national staff.


FCCLA is looking for two creative, engaging, and passionate advisers to join the  National Consultant Team starting in August 2024. Those interested should carefully review and complete the application below by April 1, 2024. Questions? Email 

National Consultant Team Available for Training

Are you looking for skilled FCCLA advisers to train your students and future FCS teachers? The National Consultant Team (NCT) is here to assist you! Their mission is to empower, support, and train FCCLA advisers. For more information, contact

2022-2024 National Consultant Team


Alaina TharpAlaina


Alaina Tharp, a dedicated Family and Consumer Sciences educator and FCCLA adviser at Cambridge High School. With a background as both a student and adviser, she has engaged at regional, state, and national levels. Her four-year participation as a high school member inspired her to reintroduce an FCCLA chapter at her school. Alaina's commitment extends beyond teaching – she's contributed to Ohio’s Career Development Events committee, offering professional development in FCS and FCCLA. Her passion for these subjects comes from recognizing their role in teaching real-world skills for independence, health, and future success. Through hands-on learning, Alaina strives to activate the mind and learning through games, experiences, and fun! Alongside her involvement, Alaina enjoys her role on the OATFACS Board, cooking, and spending time with her family – husband Jake and three children: Jase, Jordan, and Jemma.

Sherry VogelSherry


Sherry Vogel, a passionate educator with more than 30 years of experience is the Executive Director for Iowa FCCLA. Sherry recently retired from teaching FCS from Southeast Valley High School in Gowrie, Iowa. Sherry has initiated multiple FCCLA chapters, mentored numerous officer candidates, and is now leading Iowa FCCLA. Sherry's influence extends to STAR Events, where she's excelled as a leader and consultant. Serving as President-Elect of the Iowa FCCLA Board of Directors and a new FCCLA National Consultant, Sherry seeks to ignite creativity in chapters and enhance FCCLA's mission. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds delight in supporting the Iowa State Cyclones, reading, and quilting.

Savannah Wegnersavannah


Savannah Wegner, an FCS teacher at East Union High School in California and an active FCCLA adviser since 2016, brings a distinctive perspective to her role. With degrees in Music and FCS Education, she passionately upholds FCCLA's growth-focused mission. Her accomplishments, including Master Adviser, Adviser Mentor, and Spirit of Advising, underscore her dedication. What sets Savannah apart is her journey from a non-FCS background, which uniquely equips her to support advisers transitioning from business and industry. Although she didn't experience FCCLA as a student, her commitment to ensuring her students' complete engagement is unwavering. Serving as a member of the National Consultant Team, Savannah's goal is to give back to the community that provided her a sense of belonging. Outside her professional commitments, she finds joy in spending time with her husband, Ruben and newborn son, Robert. She also enjoys baking, camping and crafting.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.