Leadership Training Team

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America enlists a group of talented FCCLA alumni from a variety of diverse backgrounds for the Leadership Training Team (LTT). LTT members are chosen by national staff to develop trainings, lead workshops and breakout sessions, communicate with national network members and serve as an extension of national staff.

The Leadership Training Team:

  • Serve as positive and professional representatives of the national organization
  • Assist at national conferences as assigned
  • Plan leadership development and officer training sessions
  • Present workshops at meetings that may include state conferences
  • Communicate with members of assigned national network on a regular basis
  • Be an active and paid member of Alumni & Associates
  • Write articles and activities used for the national FCCLA website and publications, as requested

National Leadership Training Team (LTT) Available for Training

Are you looking for skilled FCCLA alumni to train members at a local or state training? The National Leadership Training Team (LTT) is here to assist you! Their mission is to empower, support, and train FCCLA members through workshops, keynotes, and specialized trainings. For more information, please email leadership@fcclainc.org.

  • Leadership Training Team Request Form

    Please complete the form below if you would like to have an LTT member participate in your event(s). A new submission must be completed for each event you are requesting an LTT member to attend.

    Please do not make arrangements with the LTT before receiving further information from FCCLA NHQ.

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2023-2025 Leadership Training Team

Abigail Bettendorf

Location: Washington, D.C. (School Year) / Minnesota (Summer)

Abigail Bettendorf, a driven student, is currently studying Healthcare Management and Policy at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. With a strong aspiration for a medical career, she is dedicated to making a difference in healthcare. Abigail's remarkable journey in FCCLA spanned four years, during which she held significant roles as a chapter, region, and state officer. Her outstanding leadership led her to serve as the 2021-2022 Minnesota FCCLA State President. Through her experiences as an officer and member, Abigail gained invaluable lessons that she is eager to share and utilize in empowering the next generation of leaders while giving back to FCCLA. In addition to her academic and professional pursuits, she nurtures her passion for spending time outdoors, particularly enjoying the lakes of her beloved home state of Minnesota and cherishing moments with her family.

a headAmitoj Kaur

Location: Ohio

Amitoj Kaur is a proud FCCLA alumna who served as the 2018-2019 National Vice President of Membership, culminating four years of dedicated involvement within the organization. Following her FCCLA journey, she pursued a dual bachelor's degree in Emerging Technology in Business and Design, as well as Political Science at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Amitoj's impressive academic achievements led her to Columbus, where she currently thrives in her role at JP Morgan Chase, participating in their esteemed Chase Leadership Development Program. She possesses a deep passion for student leadership, recognizing the transformative power of social media, and harbors a strong love for travel. Amitoj is thrilled to rejoin the organization of her dreams, FCCLA, and eagerly anticipates connecting with students once again, eager to make a meaningful impact.

a chAshley Arendt

Location: Tennessee

Ashley Arendt is delighted to once again serve on the Leadership Training Team, extending her commitment to FCCLA. Having experienced the transformative power of FCCLA since middle school, it holds a significant place in her life. As a student, Ashley held leadership positions such as the Arkansas State President and the National Vice President of Public Relations. Her passion for serving on the LTT stems from the opportunity it provides to connect with exceptional student leaders, aiding them in their journey of self-discovery and fostering strong, unified officer teams. Currently, Ashley holds the role of Development Officer at Northside Neighborhood House, a notable non-profit organization located in Chattanooga, TN. 

Brigette Nelson

Location: Washington, D.C. (School Year) / Arizona (Summer)

Brigette Nelson, a devoted FCCLA alumnae, initially joined in seventh grade, enticed by the prospect of candy for new members. However, her involvement quickly evolved after attending her first State Conference and meeting the FCCLA National President. Inspired by the experience, Brigette created a comprehensive five-year plan and diligently worked towards numerous goals within FCCLA. She has held esteemed positions such as the 2016-2017 South Dakota State Secretary, the 2017-2018 National Vice President of Finance, and served on the 2017-2019 National Board of Directors. Currently, Brigette is pursuing a degree in Community Development at Indiana Wesleyan University, driven by her passion for developmental studies. With a strong commitment to making a difference, she aspires to build a career centered around empowering communities and fostering growth.

Brooklynn Gross

Location: South Dakota

Brooklynn Gross is a former FCCLA Chapter Officer and member of South Dakota's Current Trends leadership team. One of Brooklynn's most notable achievements as an active member includes publishing a children's book on dental health as part of her STAR Event project. Demonstrating her commitment to giving back to the community, she donated 100% of the book's proceeds to dental charities in her state. This experience ignited her interest in education, prompting her to pursue a degree in the field. Brooklynn has embarked on her teaching career in her hometown of Harrisburg, South Dakota. As a member of the Leadership Training Team, she strives to empower FCCLA members by equipping them with practical skills necessary for success in high school and beyond.

ddDestiny Daniel

Location: Washington, D.C. (School Year) / Georgia (Summer)

Destiny Daniel joined FCCLA in seventh grade, initially intrigued by the experiences of her best friend and the sense of community it offered. From her very first chapter meeting, Destiny was captivated by the inspiring young leaders, their diverse skill sets, and the boundless creativity displayed. Immersed in this enriching environment, her chapter became an integral part of her life, consistently achieving gold at nationals for several consecutive years. Demonstrating her deep commitment, Destiny served as chapter president for three years and later held the position of Georgia FCCLA's First Vice President. Her true passion lies in empowering others, especially students, to discover their purpose and equipping them with the skills to fearlessly pursue their dreams. Currently pursuing a dual major in public relations and community development, Destiny aspires to make a meaningful impact in nonprofit management and education policy.

Haley Reid

Location: Ohio

Haley Reid is a dedicated undergraduate student at the University of Dayton, pursuing dual majors in Communication (Public Relations) and Political Science. With a strong foundation in FCCLA, Haley actively engaged as a member for six years, participating in various impactful activities such as STAR Events, National Programs, and partner contests. Demonstrating her exceptional leadership skills, she served two terms on the Ohio FCCLA Regional Executive Council. Haley's remarkable achievements led to her election as the Vice President of Membership on the 2021-2022 National Executive Council. Haley is honored to continue her involvement with FCCLA and is looking forward to supporting members in their pursuit to “Be the Change.”

kaKarlyn Gustin

Location: Kansas

Karlyn Gustin is a dedicated student at Kansas State University, currently pursuing a major in Human Development and Family Science with a secondary major in Gerontology, specializing in Long Term Care Administration and a minor in Leadership Studies. With a four-year involvement in FCCLA, Karlyn demonstrated her commitment by serving as a chapter officer, Kansas FCCLA State Officer, and the 2021-2022 National Vice President of Parliamentary Law. Her passion for leadership and supporting FCCLA members drives her enthusiasm to contribute to their "Ultimate Leadership Experience."

MFMadalyn Fox

Location: Nebraska (School Year) / Iowa (Summer)

Madalyn Fox is currently pursuing a double major in Broadcasting and Sports Media Communication at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Throughout her active four-year membership in FCCLA, Madalyn actively participated in various STAR Events, competed in the FCCLA Lifesmarts Knowledge Bowl, and held multiple leadership positions. Notably, she served as the 2021-2022 National Vice President of Public Relations, and prior to that, represented Iowa FCCLA as the 2020-2021 First Vice President, following her service as a district officer. As a member of the Leadership Training Team, Madalyn is eager to continue guiding FCCLA members towards new horizons.

Morgan Kirchman

Location: Florida

Morgan Kirchman is a committed and driven student at Florida Atlantic University, pursuing a degree in Choral Music Education. With a profound passion for music, Morgan has set her sights on a career as a high school choir director after completing her bachelor's degree. Throughout her extensive four-year involvement in FCCLA, Morgan consistently exhibited exceptional leadership skills, holding prominent roles as a Florida State Officer for two years and the 2019-2020 Florida FCCLA State President. As a member of the Leadership Training Team, Morgan is wholeheartedly dedicated to serving as an educator, providing invaluable guidance and support to FCCLA Members and Advisers. Her unwavering commitment stems from a deep desire to give back to an organization that has been instrumental in her life.

Zack Love

Location: Washington, D.C.

Zack Love is an accomplished individual with a strong academic background. He completed his undergraduate studies at George Washington University and is pursuing a graduate degree in Health Policy at the Milken Institute School of Public Health in Washington, D.C. Although he now resides in D.C., Zack's upbringing on a honeybee farm in rural Alabama sparked his initial involvement with FCCLA when he joined his local high school's chapter in ninth grade. Throughout his FCCLA journey, he held various local and state offices in Alabama and served as the 2017-2018 National Vice President of Development. His exceptional achievements were further recognized when the White House honored him as a 2018 U.S. Presidential Scholar. Zack's influence extends beyond the United States as he has shared his career and technical education experiences as a delegate at the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm, Sweden. Looking ahead, Zack intends to attend law school and pursue a professional career at the intersection of health policy, financing, and innovation. He is excited to continue working with FCCLA members, supporting them in unlocking their leadership potential and making a positive impact.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.