National Executive Council

Ten youth leaders elected annually at FCCLA’s National Leadership Conference make up the National Executive Council and serve a one-year term as the representative body of FCCLA. The National Executive Council’s primary function is program development, program implementation, and public relations.

The National Executive Council has the following responsibilities:
  • Review the aims and objectives of the national program of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.
  • Recommend the establishment of programs, projects, and activities.
  • Plan the program for the national meetings sponsored by the national organization.
  • Conduct the official business of the organization at the National Leadership Conference.
  • Interpret and advocate the goals and program activities of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America to groups and individuals within and outside the organization.

The responsibilities of each officer position can be found in the FCCLA Bylaws. 

Meet the 2023-2024 National Executive Council


Amanda Chen

FCCLA National President

New Jersey

Amanda Chen is a dedicated FCCLA member with six years of active involvement. Her high school journey has been marked by three terms on the New Jersey FCCLA State Executive Council, where she held the positions of State President, Vice President of Communications, and Committee Chair of National Programs. Amanda's passion for networking with members nationwide has flourished through her participation in over twenty state and national FCCLA conferences. Alongside FCCLA, she actively engages in French Alliance, National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and National French Honor Society. During her leisure time, Amanda can be found spending time with her family and friends, immersing herself in a good book, or creating captivating graphic design content. Following graduation, she aspires to pursue a career that harnesses her creativity and leadership skills to make a positive impact on others.

Makenzie (Mak) Kelley

FCCLA National First Vice President


Makenzie Kelley takes great pride in her four-year journey as an FCCLA member. Throughout her membership, she has held significant positions such as Chapter Vice President of Development, Indiana FCCLA First Vice President, and Indiana FCCLA State President. Makenzie's dedication extends beyond FCCLA as she actively contributes to Student Council, Student Ambassadors, CTE Ambassadors, and National Honor Society. Additionally, she serves as the Student Representative on the School Improvement Committee.  In her spare time, Makenzie finds fulfillment in volunteering within her community, spending time with family and friends, and expressing herself through writing, acting, and creating art. Post-graduation, Makenzie plans to pursue a degree in psychology or public administration.

Olivia Boeckman

FCCLA National Vice President of Community Service


Olivia Boeckman is a dedicated and accomplished FCCLA member with a six-year journey marked by numerous achievements. Within FCCLA, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership, serving as First Vice President and District President of her chapter, and excelling as the Oklahoma FCCLA Vice President of Community Service for two years. Olivia's commitment extends beyond FCCLA as she actively contributes to her community by serving on the Teen Advisory Board of Citizens Caring for Children. She also showcases her talents and passion as the captain of her school cheer team, a member of the school band, and a competitive All-Star Cheerleader. Olivia's love for an active and outdoor lifestyle is evident through her enjoyment of spending time on the water, singing alongside her grandpa, and creating cherished memories with her loved ones. After graduation, she plans to pursue a degree in business management and communications.

Peter Smith III

FCCLA National Vice President of Competitive Events

South Carolina

Peter Smith III is a proud and distinguished FCCLA member with over three years of active involvement. During this period, he has assumed significant roles, including Chapter President, as well as, South Carolina FCCLA First Vice President and State President. Peter's exceptional involvement extends to various facets of his school and community. In addition to FCCLA, he serves as the Varsity Tennis All-State Captain, Marching Band Drum Major, National Technical Honor Society Secretary, National Honor Society Vice President, Beta Club President, and Student Government Association President. Furthermore, Peter co-founded a non-profit organization, P. Saxmore Farms, dedicated to ensuring his community has access to healthy food items. Peter's passions include playing the alto saxophone, dancing, fostering new friendships, and cherishing moments with loved ones. Following high school, Peter plans to pursue a degree at an accredited university, majoring in either political science or engineering.

Easton Hrabe

FCCLA National Vice President of Development


Easton Hrabe has actively contributed to FCCLA for the past two years, demonstrating dedication and enthusiasm. His notable leadership positions include serving as the Kansas FCCLA Vice President of Corporate Relations and Finance, as well as, the State Vice President of Public Relations. Beyond FCCLA, Easton actively engages in local organizations and activities such as FFA, Speech and Debate, Scholar's Bowl, and National Honor Society. During his leisure time, he finds joy in cruising the Kansas Plains with friends, indulging in shopping, and embracing the pleasures of life. Post graduation, Easton plans to major in political science and pursue further education at law school, driven by his aspirations of making a difference in the world as a politician.

Leonardo (Leo) Luna-Duran

FCCLA National Vice President of Finance


Leonardo Luna-Duran takes immense pride in his six-year journey as a proud and dedicated FCCLA member. Throughout his time in FCCLA, Leonardo has held pivotal positions, serving as a Chapter Officer, District Officer, Chair of the Nebraska State Peer Education Team, and the Nebraska FCCLA State President. Leonardo's involvement extends beyond FCCLA as he actively participates in the National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, FFA, Quiz Bowl, Student Council, Speech, and Play Production. During his free time, Leonardo enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering in his community, embarking on road trips, and exploring new experiences. After graduation, Leonardo plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in political science, driven by his aspirations to attend law school and build a career as a prosecutor or corporate lawyer.

Estrella Trujillo

FCCLA National Vice President of Membership


Estrella Trujillo began her journey in FCCLA three years ago and has since become a vibrant leader within the organization. Throughout her high school years, she served as Texas FCCLA Region I Vice President of Records, State Vice President of Leadership Development and held various positions within her local chapter. Outside of FCCLA, Estrella actively participates in Varsity Track, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Pole Vault. Additionally, she has been involved in organizations such as Student Council, FFA, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, and dual credit courses. Contributing to her community, Estrella volunteers at church events, canned food drives, and school activities. Estrella finds joy in working out, attending concerts, and playing video games with her family. After graduation, Estrella plans to pursue a degree in the medical field, with a focus on becoming a dermatologist or aesthetic physician assistant. Additionally, she intends to continue her involvement in FCCLA by serving as a member of the FCCLA Leadership Training Team, further contributing to the organization's growth and impact.

Luis Maya

FCCLA National Vice President of Parliamentary Law


Luis Maya has made a significant impact as an actively involved FCCLA member for the past five years. He has held notable positions, including Arkansas FCCLA First Vice President, Region V First Vice President, and serving as both High School and Junior High Chapter President. Alongside FCCLA, Luis actively participates in his school band, National Honor Society, FBLA, and Spanish Club. He also dedicates his time to volunteering for various community service projects, civic and leadership events, and youth outreach programs. Luis takes great pride in representing FCCLA and values the connections he forms with members from across the country at conferences. Outside of school, he cherishes moments with his family and friends, enjoys traveling and exploring, and holds a part-time position in his family's business. With a passion for law, Luis plans to pursue a degree in Political Science after graduating high school, fueling his ambition to pursue a career in the legal field.

Taylor Dixon

FCCLA National Vice President of Programs


Taylor Dixon has been an active member of FCCLA for the past four years, making significant contributions to the organization. Her dedication is evident through her roles as the Arkansas FCCLA Vice President of Community Service, Region II Vice President of Community Service, and various other positions within her chapter. Taylor actively participates in her high school band and audition choir, youth outreach program, and holds the position of high school yearbook editor in chief. In her leisure time, Taylor finds solace in traveling and disconnecting from the world by spending time on the lake and hammocking with friends. She also embraces her creative side through portrait photography, capturing the essence of the world around her. Taylor plans to pursue a degree that will enable her to utilize her leadership skills and passion to create a better world for both children and adults.

Melody Stetsko

FCCLA National Vice President of Public Relations


Melody Stetsko has dedicated herself to FCCLA for the past five years, leaving a lasting impact on the organization. Her journey includes holding significant positions such as California FCCLA State Vice President & Reporter, Region 8 President and Treasurer, and various roles at the chapter level. Beyond FCCLA, Melody actively participates in her high school Girls' Tennis Team and contributes to her community as a member of the California Scholarship Federation and Sociedade Portuguesa Rainha Santa Isabel (Portuguese Society of Queen Saint Isabel). In her leisure time, she cherishes moments spent with loved ones, engaging in activities such as sewing, painting, photography, attending concerts, creating Pinterest boards, and redecorating her bedroom. Looking ahead, Melody plans to dual major in interior design and architectural design with a minor in business. She aims to excel as a skilled and sought-after professional in the field of interior/architectural design and real estate.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.