Why Join

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life—planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making, and interpersonal communication—all necessary within the home and workplace. FCCLA is unique among youth organizations because its programs are planned and run by members. It is the only Career and Technical in-school Student Organization with family as its central focus.

  • FCCLA is integrated into Family and Consumer Sciences education exposing students to work-based learning as well as business and industry experiences.
  • FCCLA engages students in industry awareness and through Competitive Events and scholarship opportunities.
  • FCCLA provides real world skills: productivity and accountability, flexibility and adaptability, initiative and self-direction, leadership and responsibility.

Why JoinStudents - Why join FCCLA?

  • Travel across the United States to attend national conferences and forge friendships with other youth leaders.
  • Participate in Competitive Events—from Fashion Design, Early Childhood Education, Culinary Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Nutrition, there is one to interest you.
  • Develop real world skills that prepare you to be college- and career-ready.
  • Explore various Career Pathways within Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • Apply for one of our many scholarships available to FCCLA members.
  • Develop leadership skills.

Advisers - Why advise an FCCLA chapter?

  • The resources that FCCLA offers are invaluable to a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. Through program ideas, lesson plans and Competitive Events, FCCLA offers its teachers the opportunity to help students apply their classroom content to real-life settings.
  • You have the chance to participate in a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year. Affiliated FCCLA advisers have a chance to connect with industry representatives at national conferences to discuss trends and gain knowledge about products and opportunities.
  • As an FCCLA adviser, you will have an opportunity to connect with key individuals throughout the nation who may serve as professional resources and personal support to you as you work to establish, build, and improve your chapter.
  • Being an FCCLA adviser allows you to empower future leaders and promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.