Quarter 1: Membership Recruitment

August / September / October

Kick off the school year with a focus on FCCLA membership! Recruit members and help them benefit from FCCLA’s leadership opportunities. Use FCCLA’s membership recruitment resources to engage potential members and help them find their place in the FCCLA family.

Be sure to share how your chapter utilizes these resources or other activities your chapter does to recruit members using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Action Items:

  • Invite potential new members to an informational FCCLA chapter meeting.
  • Create a bulletin board that highlights FCCLA’s membership benefits.
  • Share your FCCLA skills and experiences with your school board.
  • Complete FCCLA’s Go For The Red application to have your recruitment efforts recognized.

Lesson Plans

Included below are sample lesson plans that chapter advisers can use to help integrate FCCLA into the FCS classroom and recruit new members! 

If you have an FCCLA recruitment lesson plan that you would like to share and possibly see featured below, please email communications@fcclainc.org

Recruitment Activities & Resources

Recruiting FCCLA members can be an exciting opportunity for your current members to promote the organization and build a strong chapter. Here are some interactive and engaging activities to inform students about FCCLA and encourage them to join your chapter:

  • General Activities List
    1. FCCLA Annual Membership Campaign: Participate in FCCLA's annual membership campaign, Go For The Red, which sets simple goals to guide your chapter in increasing membership. By achieving these goals, your chapter can earn recognition and rewards, motivating your current members to actively recruit new ones.

    2. Showcasing FCCLA Events: Participate in FCCLA events, such as conferences, community service activities, or social gatherings, and encourage your members to share their experiences with potential recruits. Word-of-mouth recommendations from enthusiastic members can have a significant impact on attracting new students.

    3. "Recruit-a-Member" Contest: Organize a contest to see which class or group within your chapter can recruit the most new members. Offer rewards or incentives to the winning class to create healthy competition and enthusiasm.

    4. Personalized Invitations: Identify students who would be a good fit for FCCLA and send them personalized invitations, such as "FCCLA Grams" or handwritten notes, inviting them to join.

    5. Eighth-Grade Workshop: Host an entrepreneurship workshop for eighth graders, who will be next year's freshmen. This hands-on experience can introduce them to FCCLA's values and programs, fostering early interest and involvement.

    6. Adopt-a-Member Campaign: Engage your current FCCLA members in an "Adopt-a-Member" campaign, where they identify potential recruits and personally invite them to participate in an FCCLA activity. Encourage continued involvement with the new members throughout the year.

    7. Senior Testimonials: Have successful senior FCCLA members speak to younger classes about why they enjoy being part of FCCLA, the benefits of participation, and the thrill of competing in FCCLA events. Hearing from their peers can inspire potential members to join.

    8. Alumni and Business Partners: Invite FCCLA alumni and business partners to visit your school and interact with potential students. They can share their experiences with FCCLA and emphasize the impact it had on their personal and professional development.

    9. Promote FCCLA Through Bulletin Boards: Create eye-catching bulletin boards around your school to promote FCCLA. Display pictures, awards, posters, and information about upcoming FCCLA conferences and activities.

    10. Engage Freshmen and Sophomores: Leverage FCCLA's programs and events designed for freshmen and sophomores to create enthusiasm among underclassmen. Offering specific events for them can make FCCLA more appealing and accessible.

    11. Involve Counselors and Administrators: Actively involve your school counselors and administrators in FCCLA activities so they can experience the organization firsthand. Encourage them to participate in events and provide them with FCCLA merchandise, such as t-shirts, to show support for the program.

  • Game - Leadership, Service, Career, FCCLA!

    Leadership, Service, Career, FCCLA!


    This energetic activity is an FCCLA mix on the game Head, Shoulders, Knees, Cup! It promotes teamwork, quick-thinking, and introduces participants to FCCLA concepts.

    The "Leadership, Service, Career, FCCLA!" game offers a lively and interactive way to introduce students to FCCLA's core concepts and values while fostering a fun and inclusive atmosphere. It serves as a unique activity that can be easily organized without much preparation, making it an ideal icebreaker and recruitment activity for FCCLA events and gatherings.


    1. Setup: Gather all participants in a large open area. Pair them up with a partner, forming two lines across from each other (similar to an egg toss game).
    2. FCCLA Concepts: Explain that in this version, each body part will represent an FCCLA concept:
      • Head: Leadership
      • Shoulders: Service
      • Knees: Career
      • Cup: FCCLA!
    3. Cup Placement: Place a plastic or paper cup equal distance between each partner.
    4. Game Start: The leader (or you) stands in the middle of the room and starts calling out the FCCLA concepts randomly.
    5. Gameplay: When the leader calls out "Leadership," "Service," or "Career," both participants touch the respective body part (e.g., head, shoulders, or knees) with both hands simultaneously.
    6. "FCCLA!" Moment: When the leader calls out "FCCLA!", both partners quickly compete to grab the cup placed between them. The first one to grab it wins the round.
    7. Winner and New Pairing: The winner finds another winner, and they both join the leader for the next round. The remaining participants find new partners to continue the game.
    8. FCCLA Twist: Before starting each round, the leader can briefly share a fun fact or information related to FCCLA's mission, projects, or programs. This adds an educational element and introduces participants to FCCLA.
    9. Continue the Game: Keep playing the game with new rounds, calling out the FCCLA concepts and occasionally adding an "FCCLA!" moment. Encourage participants to have fun, be quick on their feet, and learn about FCCLA along the way.
    10. Debrief: After the game, gather all participants for a quick debrief. Use this opportunity to discuss FCCLA further, encourage them to explore more about the organization, and invite them to upcoming FCCLA events or meetings.
  • Activity - FCCLA Red Blazer Locker Tags

    Show off your new and returning members by decorating your school hallways with FCCLA red blazers.

    • Click here to download the FCCLA Red Blazer cutout.
    • Print and cut out one FCCLA Red Blazer for each chapter member.
    • Write a chapter member’s name on each of the cutouts. 
    • Hang the FCCLA Red Blazers on your chapter members’ lockers for all the students in your school to see!

    Here are a few more ways to personalize the locker tag:

    • Add stickers indicating the number of years each member has been affiliated in FCCLA.
    • Add medals or stickers indicating how returning members placed in competitions.
    • Laminate the tag so members can take them home and save them at the end of the year.
  • Activity - Where Will Your FCCLA Journey Take You?

    Where Will Your FCCLA Journey Take You?


    This activity aims to inspire students to envision their future goals and aspirations while incorporating FCCLA's programs and opportunities to support their journey toward success. By creating a vision board, students can visually represent their dreams and the ways FCCLA can help them achieve their goals.

    By combining goal-setting and vision board creation with FCCLA involvement, the "Where Will Your FCCLA Journey Take You" recruitment activity empowers students to visualize their future aspirations and how FCCLA can support them on their path to success. It serves as a dynamic and reflective activity that encourages students to consider how FCCLA can play a significant role in their journey toward achieving their dreams.

    Materials Needed:

    • Poster boards or large sheets of paper
    • Magazines, newspapers, or printed images related to future goals and FCCLA activities
    • Scissors, glue, and markers
    • FCCLA promotional materials (brochures, flyers, posters, etc.)


    1. Introduction: Begin the activity by introducing the theme: "Where Will Your FCCLA Journey Take You." Encourage students to think about their future goals, dreams, and aspirations.

    2. Goal Setting: Have a brief discussion about the importance of setting clear goals and how they can contribute to personal and professional success. Ask students to write down their future goals on a separate sheet of paper.

    3. FCCLA Opportunities: Explain to the students how FCCLA can support them in achieving their goals. Share examples of FCCLA programs, projects, leadership opportunities, and community service initiatives that align with their interests and future aspirations.

    4. Vision Board Creation: Provide each student with a poster board or a large sheet of paper, along with magazines, newspapers, or printed images that represent their goals and FCCLA activities. Instruct them to cut out images and words that resonate with their dreams and FCCLA involvement.

    5. Incorporating FCCLA: Encourage students to include specific FCCLA programs, events, and projects on their vision boards. They can use FCCLA promotional materials and images to highlight how being part of FCCLA can help them achieve their goals.

    6. Presentation and Discussion: After completing their vision boards, invite students to share their creations with the rest of the group. Encourage them to discuss how FCCLA will play a role in their journey toward success and personal growth.

    7. Display and Showcase: Display the vision boards around the classroom or a designated area. Allow students to walk around and view each other's boards. This showcase can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for everyone involved.

    8. Membership Information: As part of the activity's conclusion, provide interested students with information on how to join FCCLA and get involved in activities that align with their interests and goals. Share details about upcoming FCCLA meetings, events, and opportunities.

  • Open House Checklist

    A central part of recruitment is securing prospective members' and families' interest and support. A great way to garner their support is to show them the wonderful things that your chapter has already done in and out of the classroom and what plans your chapter has for the future!

    Use the checklist below to host an open house and inform others about FCCLA.

    1. Use the FCCLA Introductory Presentation to discuss the benefits of FCCLA and provide a general overview of the organization.

    2. Showcase both chapter and individual member achievement. These achievements might include any of the following:

    • Participation in district, regional, state, or national Competitive Events
    • Participation in a National Program
    • Participation in FCCLA partner contests
    • Community involvement, including community service hours members have served
    • Attendance at an FCCLA conference
    • Go For The Red chapter or individual award recognition

    3. Create a take-home packet for prospective members and their families. Suggested resources are linked below:

    4. Consider having current members or FCCLA® Alumni share personal highlights of their FCCLA experience!

    • What have they gained from FCCLA?
    • What skills has FCCLA helped them develop?
    • Where have they traveled for FCCLA?
  • Activity - Map Out Your Ultimate Journey!

    Take flight with FCCLA and track where the Ultimate Journey takes you! Download the map below and explore the boundless opportunities to envision, connect, and collaborate with FCCLA chapters across the nation. Let this interactive map be the gateway to your chapter's exciting adventure of friendship, growth, and impact.

    Map Your Dreams: Aspire high and dream big! Mark the locations on the outlined map of the United States where your chapter members envision their college or career destinations. Engage in inspiring discussions and share your aspirations with each other. Together, weave a tapestry of dreams that paints a united vision for your chapter's collective future.

    Chapter Pen-Pal Program: Let the power of connection bridge the gaps between states! Initiate a pen-pal program with FCCLA members from other states. Reach out and connect with a member from each state, exchanging postcards that highlight the work that your chapter is doing. As the postcards arrive, color in the states on the map until you have connected with one person from every state! 

    FCCLA Alumni Spotlight: Let the map become a tribute to success stories! Celebrate and showcase the achievements of FCCLA alumni from different states. Feature their inspiring journeys, accomplishments, and how FCCLA played a pivotal role in shaping their path to success. Each highlighted story becomes an inspiration for your chapter's members.

Social Media Templates

  • Social Media Captions

    Use the sample captions below, or create your own to encourage students to join the Ultimate Journey!

    • Welcome aboard! Experience the journey of a lifetime with our FCCLA chapter. ? #UltimateJourney #JoinUs
    • ? Ignite your potential and embrace the adventure. Discover the power of FCCLA! #UnleashYourPotential #FCCLA
    • Dream big, achieve more - FCCLA's 'Ultimate Journey' awaits! ? #DreamBig #AchieveMore
    • Chart your course to excellence - Join FCCLA and set sail on 'The Ultimate Journey'! ⚓ #ChartYourCourse #JoinFCCLA
    • ?️ Step into greatness, and stand out as a leader. Be part of our FCCLA family today! #BeALeader #FCCLAFamily
    • ? Make memories that matter, join us on 'The Ultimate Journey' to success and service! #MemoriesThatMatter #Service
    • Dare to be bold, dare to make a difference. FCCLA empowers you to be a changemaker. ? #BeBold #Changemaker
    • Together, we thrive! Unleash your potential with FCCLA and embark on the 'Ultimate Journey'! ? #TogetherWeThrive #JoinFCCLA
    • Explore the unknown, embrace the challenge. Join FCCLA and embrace 'The Ultimate Journey'! ? #ExploreTheUnknown #JoinFCCLA
  • Canva Templates

    Click here to access the 2023-2024 Canva Templates. 

Bulletin Board Resources

Share Your Success Stories

We are eager to learn from the amazing efforts of FCCLA chapters across the nation in recruiting new members and celebrating 'The Ultimate Journey' together! Your chapter's experiences are incredibly valuable and can inspire others on their recruitment journeys.

Whether you've used the resources provided above or crafted your own innovative approach, we want to hear about your recruitment strategies and their impact. Complete the form below to tell us your chapter's story, and you could be featured in future national publications and showcased on social media.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.