Branding Guidelines

The FCCLA name, acronym, logo, and tagline play a vital role in the organization. They are an immediately recognizable visual identity for those who know FCCLA – FCS teachers, members, non-members, school administration, and parents.

The trademarks of an organization with a history as rich and long as FCCLA also represent the organization's values and ideals – family, career, community, leadership, and youth. When FCCLA's audiences see a business card, website, flyer, or apparel displaying the FCCLA trademarks, those values and ideals come to mind.

Adequately presenting the trademarks of FCCLA cannot be overstated. Consistent presentation of
FCCLA trademarks suggests the organization's stability and reliability. Alignment with branding standards
demonstrates professionalism and commitment to detail – strong characteristics that describe FCCLA
and its members. The FCCLA Branding Guidelines identify and explain how to utilize FCCLA's marks to put forward the organization's best image.

Protecting the brand of FCCLA is the responsibility of National FCCLA and its affiliates at the local and
state level. Using the FCCLA logo means you agree to abide by the FCCLA Branding Guidelines.

Please respect FCCLA's trademarks and follow the Branding Guidelines.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.