Shoe Drive Fundraiser

FCCLA is proud to partner with Funds2Orgs as an official fundraising partner, empowering chapters across the nation with an innovative fundraising solution that combines social impact and financial success. Together, we are making a difference in communities both at home and abroad through shoe drive fundraisers and support for micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations.

Restricted Service Areas for Funds2Orgs Fundraising Opportunities

Please note that due to logistical constraints, Funds2Orgs' fundraising opportunities are currently unavailable in Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Northern Maine, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. However, if your organization in one of these areas wishes to explore state-wide program coordination, please reach out to Funds2Orgs directly to discuss potential options.

Who is Funds2Orgs?

Funds2Orgs is a global social enterprise headquartered in Florida, with micro-enterprise partners in 26 countries worldwide, and marketing specialists located in the U.S. and Europe. The founder, Wayne Elsey, is widely recognized as one of the top global social philanthropists.

Funds2Orgs started with a powerful vision inspired by compassion. Witnessing the devastation of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Wayne Elsey took action and transformed his shoe manufacturing business into one of the largest multi-million dollar nonprofits in the U.S. Under his leadership, over 20 million shoes were shipped to people affected by natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. He grew the organization's budget to exceed $70 million, leading the way in humanitarian efforts.

In 2013, Wayne established Funds2Orgs to empower groups in the U.S. with fundraising while creating a global impact by supporting micro-entrepreneurs he had encountered on his philanthropic journey. The result was a social enterprise that enables organizations and individuals to raise funds by collecting gently worn, used, and new shoes. Additionally, Funds2Orgs and its associated brands, Sneakers4Funds, Cash4Shooz, and Shoes With Heart, actively contribute to climate and sustainability efforts by repurposing shoes, supporting micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations, and generating jobs for American workers.

What is Micro-Enterprise?

Micro-enterprises are small businesses typically owned and operated by 1-2 people, often families, in developing countries. These individuals create their own economic opportunities due to systemic poverty. Micro-enterprises can range from small stalls or shacks to brick-and-mortar shops. When you participate in our shoe drive fundraiser, you provide the inventory for these micro-entrepreneurs worldwide. By selling the shoes you collect in their communities, these entrepreneurs promote local commerce opportunities, leading to greater economic sustainability.

Learn more: Why Shoes? The Story of Micro-Enterprise

How it Works

The best part about this fundraising opportunity is that it's completely FREE for chapters and members. Funds2Orgs provides all the necessary resources for a successful campaign. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up below to receive more information and schedule a conversation with the Funds2Orgs team to discuss when you'd like to kick off your drive.

  2. Funds2Orgs fundraising coaches will guide you through the entire shoe drive fundraiser, ensuring your chapter's success.

  3. Following a planning call, you'll receive a Welcome Kit packed with collection materials, marketing templates, and more to jumpstart your campaign.

  4. Customize your promotion materials and social media posts with the support of Funds2Orgs to create an engaging and impactful outreach.

  5. Collect gently worn, used, and new shoes from your school and community, generating momentum for your cause.

  6. Once Funds2Orgs picks up the shoes, you can expect to receive a check within two days of receipt and processing!

Join us in this incredible fundraising journey with Funds2Orgs and make a meaningful difference while raising funds for your chapter. Together, we can create a brighter future for communities around the world.

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