Logo Use Rules and Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. No elements of the FCCLA logos may be recreated, deleted, cropped, or reconfigured. All FCCLA logos are provided as EPS or PNG from National FCCLA.
    • EPS files are vector artwork and are infinitely scalable, thus eliminating the need to ensure proper resolution for reproduction.
    • PNG files are non-vector, rasterized files with transparent backgrounds. PNG files can be used when web-ready graphics are needed or for small format print (i.e., business cards, flyers, etc.).
  2. The FCCLA logos must be uniformly scaled. Non-uniform scaling distorts the proportions of the logos and the relationship between the symbols and letterforms.
  3. A minimum clear space must be maintained on the perimeter surrounding the FCCLA logos as outlined in the logo clear-space section of the Branding Guide.
  4. FCCLA’s logos may only be reproduced directly from a digital file; they should never be reproduced from previously printed materials.
  5. Do not put a box around the FCCLA logos when placed on a dark background.
  6. Do not reproduce the FCCLA logos in colors or designs other than those specified in this document.

Logo Use Rules

  1. Do not use a collegiate font in place of the FCCLA Logotype. The FCCLA Logotype is available for download on the National FCCLA website and FCCLA Portal.
  2. Do not add effects or textures to FCCLA's logos. 
  3. Do not stretch or distort FCCLA's logos.
  4. Do not use an unapproved color on FCCLA's logos. The entire logo must always be in one solid color (red, black, or white).
  5. Do not break the clear-space rule. 
  6. Do not combine FCCLA's Tagline Logo, Emblem Logo, or Swoop Logo with visual elements. In this case, the FCCLA Logotype must be used.

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