Typography is a powerful tool for developing a creative identity and is crucial in creating a cohesive look across all communications. Using a typeface consistently makes it recognizable; it pulls together communications and makes them more distinctive. The typography style used to bring FCCLA communication to life sets the brand's tone: clean, modern, stylish, distinctive, and legible.

To install these fonts for free, please click each font under the Resources section to download and follow the procedures for your device to upload the font to your system. 

In most cases:

  • Headlines are set in Tablet Gothic
  • Subheading titles are set in Tablet Gothic
  • Body copy is set in Museo Sans

primary typeface

Museo Sans

Used for headlines, subheads, body copy, quotes, tags, and names.

primary display typeface

Tablet Gothic Semi Condensed

Used for headlines and subheads.

additional typefaces

Proxima Nova



Alternate System Fonts

FCCLA's brand fonts may not always be available to everyone depending on the program used. The following are acceptable alternates to the official FCCLA brand fonts. If the alternate fonts are also unavailable, please contact communications@fcclainc.org to determine the best font based on your program.


Arial Rounded MT Bold


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