Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness engages members in teaching one another how to earn, spend, save, and protect money wisely. Through FCCLA’s Financial Fitness program, members plan and carry out projects that help them, and their peers learn to become wise financial managers and smart consumers. FCCLA members can build their peers’ financial literacy and teach them skills for managing their finances.

Financial Fitness Units

  • Earning - sharpen on-the-job financial fitness
  • Spending - track and plan personal spending
  • Saving - conquer bank accounts, credit, and investments
  • Protecting - keep financial and personal interests safe

Looking for Creative Ways to Engage Your FCCLA Members?

Check out this lesson plan developed in collaboration with the AFSA Education Foundation, which includes access to:

  • Five activities
  • Free personal finance curriculum MoneySKILL
  • Identified linkages to FCCLA National Programs and STAR Events

The video below features a Financial Literacy Panel at the 2022 FCCLA National Fall Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Use this resource to provide exposure to financial services industry leaders who share the value of community service, financial education, and career development.

AFSA Education Foundation - Financial Literacy Panel

During the 2022 National Fall Conference in Columbus, OH, AFSA Education Foundation hosted a Financial Literacy panel with experts in the industry. Check out the panel recording below to hear from industry experts on best practices for managing personal finances and achieving financial literacy. Topics covered include financial education, understanding vehicle financing, financial services careers, and philanthropy and volunteerism opportunities. This is a great resource for advisers to use in the classroom or to help as you develop your Financial Fitness project. 

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.