Annual Theme

2022-2023 Theme: IncREDible

FCCLA provides Incredible opportunities to members and advisers through FCS education. Exploring career opportunities, while instilling real-world skills, advocacy, and service in FCCLA members will guide them for the rest of their lives because FCCLA is Incredible.

Download the incREDible logo from the Resources section.

FCCLA 2022-2023 Communication Plan

  • Quarter 1: August/September/October

    IncREDible Membership

    Recruit students to benefit from FCCLA’s incredible leadership opportunities by incorporating FCCLA’s Membership Madness Toolkit and help every student find their fit within the FCCLA family.

    Action Items:

    • Invite potential new members to an informational FCCLA chapter meeting and provide incentives to attend.
    • Include a brief overview of FCCLA and information on how potential new members can get involved within your school’s newsletter, website, announcement board, etc.
    • Design a bulletin board promoting FCCLA and post pictures of previous years FCCLA activities and accomplishments on social media.
    • Complete FCCLA’s Membership Madness application.
    • Host an informative FCCLA membership table display at back-to-school night.
    • Share your FCCLA skills and experiences with your school board to gain support and recognition.
  • Quarter 2: November/December/January

    IncREDible Community Service

    Focus on improving your family, career, and community through community service. Not only will students make an incredible difference in the lives of others, but they will develop themselves as well.

    Action Items:

    • Plan a community service project to address a cause that is important to you.
    • Snap a photo with your family and share your favorite holiday traditions on social media.
    • Create a fundraising project to support FCCLA and involve community members.
    • Send personalized holiday cards to inspire FCCLA members, advisers, and supporters across the country.
    • Plan and prepare a meal with your family and share the recipe and pictures/how-to video on social media.
    • Design a poster to showcase your New Year goals and steps on how you plan to achieve them.
  • Quarter 3: February/March/April

    IncREDible College- and Career-Readiness

    Celebrate how FCCLA and FCS education has equipped the next generation of leaders with incredible real-world skills to prepare students for future educational and career opportunities.

    Action Items:

    • Celebrate Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month in your school and FCCLA promotion of CTE.
    • Implement FCCLA Week activities and show your FCCLA spirit by using FCCLA Week hashtags and tagging @NationalFCCLA on social media.
    • Apply for FCCLA’s scholarships.
    • Host a career fair at your school to highlight FCCLA’s four Career Pathways and showcase how real-world skills gained through FCS education prepares you for career success.
    • Job shadow a professional in a career field that interests you and share your experiences at an FCCLA chapter meeting.
    • Prepare a summer budget and savings plan and track all your expenses and savings throughout the summer.
    • Apply for FCCLA’s National Programs program awards.
  • Quarter 4: May/June/July

    IncREDible Leadership

    Discover the incredible leader in you and use your voice to inspire others. Take your leadership skills to the next level through global impact, career preparation, leadership development, and personal professionalism.

     Action Items:

    • Seek ways to use sustainable resources; encourage and educate your classmates and community to do the same.
    • Write a resume and cover letter using the skills learned through FCCLA when applying for a summer job.
    • Volunteer at your school or community’s student summer programs to teach students about different college and career options.
    • Create a training curriculum to prepare your new FCCLA chapter officers for the 2023-2024 school year.
    • Attend FCCLA’s 2023 National Leadership Conference in Denver, Colorado and promote your attendance at the conference and your Incredible leadership through FCCLA.
    • Stay connected with FCCLA by becoming a part of FCCLA’s Alumni and Associates.

February is Career and Technical Education Month

Each year, FCCLA joins the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) and the entire CTE community to celebrate CTE Month! During the month of February, ACTE encourages everyone to explore and learn the amazing accomplishments, achievements and contributions of career and technical education (CTE) professionals, students and alumni with the theme "Opportunities for Career Success."

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.