National Programs

FCCLA offers eight peer-to-peer educational programs to help students develop real-world skills for life within Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education. Each National Program is designed to be integrated into the FCS classroom to help reinforce lessons with opportunities for hands-on practice.

  1. Career Connection
  2. Community Service
  3. FACTS
  4. Families First
  5. Financial Fitness
  6. Power of One
  7. Stand Up
  8. Student Body

Each National Program comes with a wealth of engaging resources, including lesson plans, activities, and project ideas carefully curated for seamless integration into FCS classrooms. Empower your students with practical knowledge and essential life skills by incorporating FCCLA's National Program guides.

How to Purchase

  • For digital copies, visit the FCCLA Portal E-Store to make your purchase.
  • To purchase physical copies, visit the FCCLA store. Please note that physical versions are not available for all National Programs.

Redeem Your Free National Program

Did your chapter purchase the Up to 25 Members or the Unlimited Members Package during affiliation? Great news! Both these membership packages come with a fantastic perk - a complimentary (electronic) National Program! Take advantage of this special offer and make the most of your membership benefits.

  • Steps to Redeem Complimentary National Program

    Step 1

    Step 2

    • Expand the "Publications" folder by selecting it.

    Step 3

    • Use the "Select" column on the right-hand side to choose the specific National Program you wish to redeem. Then, click on "Create Invoice."

    Please Note - There may be pricing differences between electronic and package versions of the National Program guides. In the case of program guide packages, both an electronic copy and a physical copy (delivered via flash drive) are included. FCCLA will not cover the price difference should you decide to apply your electronic National Program credit towards a program guide package.

    Step 4

    • Proceed to the Invoice(s) tab and select the "Apply Package Code" button.

    Step 5

    • Select the relevant invoice, and in the "Package Code" field, enter the special code provided to you via email. After inputting the code, click "Enter" and then "Apply."

    Upon completion, you will see a $60 credit applied to your invoice. If your invoice now displays a balance of $0, no further action is necessary. However, if there is any remaining balance, please pay the balance using a check or credit card.

    Should you have any inquiries regarding the redemption process for the National Program, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.