Adviser Professional Standards

FCCLA Adviser Professional Standards

FCCLA chapter advisers are valued professionals delivering intra-curriculum leadership education in the Family and Consumer Sciences pathway and comprehensive programs.  The FCCLA Adviser Professional Standards aims to bring the FCCLA leadership elements to a reference publication. This publication contains the adviser standards with learning outcomes developed by representatives from FCS leadership teams and secondary and postsecondary instructors. The adviser standards and the learning outcomes were shared with a larger group of leadership representatives through a criticality survey. Leadership representatives were asked to rank each learning outcome in importance to chapter adviser training and chapter management success.

FCCLA Adviser Professional Standards Criticality Survey

The criticality survey contains instructional criteria for FCCLA Professional Adviser Standards and the related learning outcomes. The field rated each learning outcome as to how important it is to include as a foundational outcome for current FCCLA chapter advisers or future advisers completing a traditional or alternative teacher-licensing program.

The rating values used are as follows:

  1. Nice to Know = Helpful, but not critical for all advisers
  2. Need to Know = Advisers should know or know how to find information
  3. Critical to Know = Essential skills and knowledge for all advisers. Any standard above 2.0 as the average rating reflects the knowledge needed or essential to be a successful FCCLA Adviser.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.