We Help Two

We are proud to announce We Help Two as an official fundraising partner of FCCLA®!

Through this incREDible partnership, We Help Two will provide FCCLA® members, chapters, and state associations with both a fundraising and community service opportunity.

We Help Two was founded on the belief that fundraising can be done in a way that benefits two causes. Through their unique fundraising method, FCCLA® members will not only raise funds for their cause but also impact their local community through the local sock donation program at no additional cost!


Individual members, chapters, and state associations can select the funds they raise to be donated to a cause of their choice or can be used to support themselves. You can also choose a “Best of Both” option and divide the funds raised between your fundraiser and the annual We Help Two service project outlined below.

We Help Two offers three (3) service projects that directly provide support to those in need. FCCLA has selected one (1) service project area to focus on for each year as outlined below:

  • 2022-2023 Water for Africa
  • 2023-2024 Student Sponsorship
  • 2024-2025 Legs for Amputees

Individual members, chapters, and state associations do not have the option to select a different We Help Two service project other than the one assigned for this year.


Through the Water for Africa program, FCCLA® and We Help Two are partnering together to raise funds for 36 water projects for communities throughout Rwanda.

In order to do this, we are looking for 300 chapters to sell 60 packs of socks. If we meet this goal, over 75,000 people will be provided with access to clean water!

These projects will be a lifeline to the communities by reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses as well as the amount of time needed to collect water. Once the project is complete, we will report back to you with pictures and details about the lives that you have changed.


Annually there will be between 12-20 3-pair packs and 5-10 single-pair styles for purchase through the We Help Two fundraiser. These styles will rotate out annually based on popularity and requests made by individuals, chapters, and/or state associations.

  • All generic 3-pair sock packs will be sold for $12. (40% Profit - $4.80)
  • All generic single pairs of socks will be sold for $5. ($2 Profit)
  • All custom socks designed by FCCLA® and/or State Associations will be sold for $15 a pair. ($7.50 Profit)

If an individual member or chapter is fundraising, $0.50 from every custom sock, 3-pair pack, or 3 single pairs sold will be donated to the State Association. This donation does not take away from the fundraisers’ profit.

If an individual member, chapter, or state association is fundraising, $1.00 from every custom sock or 3-pair sock pack, or 3 single pairs sold will be donated to National FCCLA to support the Ultimate Leadership Fund. This donation does not take away from the fundraisers’ profit.


For every two (2) 3-pair sock packs or three (3) single pairs sold, one (1) pair will be donated to a local community support organization of the fundraisers’ choosing.


State Associations have the opportunity to design their own custom socks for their state.

  • A minimum quantity of 120 is required for individual custom socks.
  • The state will be responsible for paying for the cost up-front and We Help Two will not provide the state with reimbursement for any unsold socks. All unsold custom socks will be sent to the State Association after the close of their fundraiser.
  • National FCCLA® will not be responsible for any costs associated with custom state socks.
  • State Associations and We Help Two are not permitted to use the FCCLA trademarks or images on any sock designs outside of those approved by National FCCLA®.



Step 1: Choose Your Campaign Type

  • Water for Africa (All funds raised will go to providing access to clean water)
  • Own Cause (All of the profits will go to your chapter or a cause of your choice)
  • Both (The profits will be split between your chapter and the water project)


Step 2: Complete the Interest Form Below

  • If you are interested in hosting a We Help Two fundraiser this Fall, please complete the interest form by September 1 to help provide an accurate estimate of socks to order.


Step 3: Get Ready to Rock Your Socks Off!

  • A member of the We Help Two team will follow up with more information and help get your fundraiser set up within 7 business days of completing the interest form. If you do not receive an email within 7 business days please email trevor@wehelptwo.com.

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