Communications Calendar

Your Story2019-2020 Theme: Your Story

You are unique and your experiences shape who you are today to help create your personal story.  Collectively, each of your stories write our organization’s story. Through the 2019-2020 school year, we encourage all members to focus on developing their own leadership story as they lead others, develop new skills, explore career opportunities, build strong families, and give back to their communities.  We hope every state, chapter, and member will use the theme “Your Story” to focus on how your leadership and life story has built FCCLA and how your leadership story is one that others will celebrate now and in the future.

FCCLA Week: February 10 – 14, 2020

Join FCCLA members from across the nation and share "Your Story" during FCCLA Week!

February is Career and Technical Education Month

Each year, FCCLA joins the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) and the entire CTE community to celebrate CTE Month! During the month of February, ACTE encourages everyone to explore and learn the amazing accomplishments, achievements and contributions of career and technical education (CTE) professionals, students and alumni with the theme "Opportunities for Career Success."

FCCLA 2019-2020 Communication Plan

  • August & September: Your Membership Story

    Share Your FCCLA Membership Story and encourage others to #JoinFCCLA as they begin the new school year. #JoinFCCLA #MembershipMadness #FCSAdvocate

  • October: Your Leadership Story

    Share Your Leadership Story and practice standing up for yourself and others. Show others that #FCCLAleads and be a leader in your community and school. #FCCLAleads #beafriend

  • November: Your Service Story

    Your Service Story will reflect how you treat and serve others. You have the power to change lives through servant leadership, make a difference in the life of an individual, and impact those in your community. #FCCLAserves #givingtuesday #fcclacommunity #fcclaimpact

  • December: Your Family Story

    What do you want Your Family Story to be? Encourage others to celebrate time spent with family members and set personal goals for their vision for their families. #FCCLAfamily

  • January: Your Health and Wellness Story

    Start the New Year with a new you! Plan and create your health and wellness story. #FCCLAgetshealthy by focusing on mental health and healthy nutrition. Educate others to be healthy, fit, real, and resilient. #FCCLAgetshealthy

  • February: Celebrate the Impact of Your Story

    Participate in FCCLA Week and show Your FCCLA spirit to encourage others to join. Celebrate Your Story and #CelebrateFCCLA. #CelebrateFCCLA #FCCLAweek

  • March: Your Career Story

    Own Your Story and future career! Participate in Competitive Events, National Programs, attend workshops, obtain leadership training, and explore #FCCLAcareers to help you reach your goals. #FCCLAcareers

  • April: Your Financial Story

    Financial literacy is the key to success in your families and future careers. Use your #FCCLAfinance knowledge to create your financial story and ensure that you have a strong financial future. #FCCLAfinance

  • May: Develop Your Global Impact Story

    Each of us will leave a footprint on our world through how we use and treat our resources.  Make a difference by setting an example for your peers and leading efforts to make sustainable choices. #FCCLAImpact

  • June & July: Celebrate Our History

    Be connected over the summer months with your FCCLA family. Prepare to use Your Story as FCCLA celebrates turning 75 with you and other members, advisers, partners, and friends at the National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. #FCCLA75Strong

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.