NLC Competitive Events

All Competitive Events (STAR EventsFCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl, Skill Demonstration Events, and Challenge Tests) will take place at the 2024 National Leadership Conference. For event-specific information, please review the 2023-2024 Competitive Events Guide located in the FCCLA Portal under Resources.

Click here for more information about individual events offered at the National Leadership Conference.

Volunteer to Evaluate Competitive Events



Chapter advisers and members can volunteer to assist with these events by completing the volunteer sign-up process as part of their 2024 NLC registration in the FCCLA Portal.


Because STAR Events operates on a limited budget, unpaid volunteers are essential. State associations are responsible for providing one evaluator and/or room consultant for every three event participants. Evaluation teams consisting of members, advisers, and business and industry professionals will be assigned representing different FCCLA regions.


  • Alumni & Associates members, business and industry partners, community members, school administrators, state education staff, and postsecondary FCS education students are encouraged to volunteer to assist with these events. Click here to submit the volunteer interest form.

Competitive Events Deadlines

All Competitive Events participants and their advisers are responsible for reviewing the Competitive Events dates and deadline page to ensure they complete all the required tasks prior to the National Leadership Conference.

Competitive Events Hotel Policy

As outlined in the STAR Events Guidelines, all participants must be registered for National Leadership Conference Weekly Registration and stay within the official hotel block for the duration of the conference dates. STAR Events participants attending the National Leadership Conference and not staying within the conference hotel block will not be permitted to compete.

Parliamentary Procedure Online Testing Window

Participants qualified for Parliamentary Procedure events are required to take an Online Test as outlined in the STAR Events Guidelines. The online test must be taken before the National Leadership Conference, within the May 1 - 31, 2024 testing window. Learn more.

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