Go For The Red

Go For the Red and share your positive FCCLA experience with your friends! Go For the Red, FCCLA’s annual membership campaign, provides incentives for members and chapters working to increase membership. Go For the Red empowers students to recruit, retain, and recognize members. Get started with a few of these great ideas!

Go for the Red

    • Sponsor a "bring a buddy" campaign. Have each member bring at least one friend to a chapter or district/regional meeting and then encourage that person to join FCCLA.
    • Challenge each member to ask three other people to join. It never hurts to ask! Explain to students the Go For the Red membership campaign as an incentive.
    • Volunteer to help with new student orientation programs, including FCCLA as a potential activity for students.
    • Host a booth or table at school events such as Back-to-School Night or Open House to showcase what FCCLA is all about and encourage new members to join.
    • Organize a school-wide scavenger hunt or other interactive game that highlights FCCLA and encourages students to learn more about the organization.
    • Create promotional materials such as flyers, posters, or videos that showcase the benefits of being an FCCLA member and share them on social media or in school announcements.
    • Reach out to local middle schools and host a presentation about FCCLA to encourage incoming freshmen to join.
    • Host a "parent night" where parents can learn more about FCCLA and how their children can benefit from membership.
    • Participate in community service events or volunteer projects as a way to showcase FCCLA's commitment to service and encourage new members to get involved.
    • Hold a fundraiser later in the year and use profits to reduce the cost of dues the following year.
    • Organize a fun event with another local FCCLA chapter. This event could be a leadership workshop, a community service project, an event featuring various career pathways, and more.
    • Ask local businesses to give special discounts to members who show their FCCLA membership card.
    • Collaborate with local businesses or organizations to sponsor FCCLA events or offer incentives for new members.
    • Develop a mentorship program, pairing new and experienced members to help them navigate the organization and get involved.
    • Advocate for FCCLA within your school or district by speaking to school administration about using Perkins funding to support the chapter or working with local policymakers to increase funding for CTE programs.
    • Host events and activities that align with members' interests and career goals, such as job shadowing opportunities, college visits, or industry tours.
    • Design a "member of the week" program. Highlight the member's interests, hobbies, dreams, and accomplishments during the week.
    • Create a bulletin board right outside your classroom. Post the successes of your chapter.
    • Design a chapter newsletter that can be sent to all chapter members, their parents, school administrators and board members, and community members.

Go For the Red Awards

You could win an award when you Go For the Red! Awards are presented annually to individuals and chapters who have excelled in their recruitment efforts.


    Individuals who recruit three or more members can apply for the Go for the Red (GFTR) Individual Award. All participants who meet the qualifications and deadline will be entered into a drawing for one of the three prize options listed below. Five awardees will be randomly picked from those who qualify to receive a prize. All awardees will be provided with an electronic certificate of achievement.

    Prize options:

    • Apple Air pods
    • $150 Amazon gift card
    • $150 FCCLA Store gift card

    Application Deadline: April 1


    Application Location:

    Members can apply for the GFTR Individual Award under the Go For The Red Individual Application section of the Surveys/Applications tab within the FCCLA Student Portal.

    Rules and Guidelines

    • To be eligible, the applicant must recruit three or more new FCCLA Members who are affiliating with FCCLA for the first time this year.
    • Advisers are not eligible to apply for the GFTR Individual award.
    • The same applicant cannot apply twice.
    • Newly recruited members must be on an affiliation invoice by April 1. 

    Chapters that increase their members by 10 (bronze), 15 (silver), or 20 (gold) members from the previous year can apply for the Go for the Red (GFTR) Chapter award. Chapters meeting the qualifications and deadline will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win one of three $200 cash prizes. All chapter awardees will also be provided with an electronic certificate of achievement.

    • Bronze Level - 1 entry into the raffle for a cash prize
    • Silver Level - 2 entries into the raffle for a cash prize
    • Gold Level - 3 entries into the raffle for a cash prize

    Qualifying chapters whose members attend FCCLA's 2024 National Leadership Conference (NLC) will receive a special GFTR ribbon with their registration package on-site.

    Application Deadline: April 1


    Application Location:

    Advisers can apply for the GFTR Chapter Award under the Go For The Red Chapter Application section of the Surveys/Applications tab within the Adviser Portal.

    Rules and Guidelines

    • Chapters enrolled in a membership type that allows unlimited members are not eligible. Including:
      • 100% Middle Level Affiliation
      • Unlimited Members Package
      • Urban Affiliation
    • New chapters in 2023-2024 are not eligible.
    • Only one application will be accepted per chapter. 
    • Applications must be submitted to receive recognition.
    • Members must be affiliated by April 1. Pending or unsubmitted members will not count towards your chapter's increase. 
    • Invalid or incorrect information will result in disqualification. Applications will be checked for accuracy. 

    Please note: To be eligible, your chapter must increase membership from the previous school year by 10, 15, or 20 members. (For example, if you had 20 members in your chapter last school year and now have 30 affiliated members in your chapter, your chapter would receive one raffle entry.) It is best to wait to apply until all students are added to the Portal. 

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.