Presentation Opportunities

FCCLA National Leadership Conference PresentationFCCLA offers all National Leadership Conference (NLC) participants the opportunity to submit a proposal for consideration to present at the 2020 NLC in Washington, D.C. Presenting at FCCLA’s NLC is the perfect opportunity to provide expertise and help drive change, learn from FCCLA’s attendees and adopt new practices, or connect with like-minded individuals. Make plans now to host and apply today for the opportunity to present at FCCLA’s National Leadership Conference, July 5-9, 2020!

Proposals that include interactive sessions inviting participant dialogue, modeling strategies, examining topics relevant to conference themes, encouraging critical inquiry, demonstrating informed action, and emphasizing interdisciplinary integration are encouraged.  

FCCLA is currently accepting presentation proposals for the following opportunities:

  • RED Talks

    As FCCLA’s audience is comprised of both youth and adults, FCCLA has modified the exhibitor/partner presentations to best meet the dynamic of advanced learning styles. These workshops are now presented as FCCLA RED Talks, a non-traditional, short and highly engaging 15 minutes or less presentation that is held in the EXPO hall.

    FCCLA asks that presenters create interactive and engaging presentations as PowerPoint slides will not be allowed.

    *Student members, advisers, alumni, exhibitors, and partners are invited to apply for this opportunity.

  • Culinary Demonstrations

    Culinary demonstrations give presenters  the opportunity to showcase  your culinary skills to a crowd of eager-to-learn members, advisers, and guests. The demonstration can be instruction on anything from simple knife skills to the creation of an intricate dish. It can also be hands-on presentations that highlight ways for member and advisers to introduce creative and innovative culinary opportunities into their chapters.

    These demonstrations will run for 30 minutes each and FCCLA will provide each presenter  with two  electric hot plates. Presenters  will be required to bring all other necessary supplies. No food items will be permitted to be shared with the audience. Space is limited so sign up today to secure a spot!

    *Student members, advisers, alumni, exhibitors, and partners are invited to apply for this opportunity.

  • Adviser Talks

    Chapter and state advisers seeking professional development at national conferences can find specific sessions on a range of topics related to FCCLA and Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS). Each Adviser Talk workshop is 45 minutes in length and is tied to FCS National Standards or National Education Standards. Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Professional Development Units (PDU) are available for all sessions.

    *Advisers, alumni, exhibitors, and partners are invited to apply for this opportunity.
    Student members are not permitted to apply for this opportunity.

  • State and Chapter Adviser Networking Roundtables

    Hundreds of state and chapter advisers attend this very popular networking session! Hosting a table means developing a ten minute presentation and an accompanying handout. Roundtable presentations will be repeated up to four times and handouts will be made available to all attendees during and after the workshop.

    *Advisers, alumni, exhibitors, and partners are invited to apply for this opportunity.
    Student members are not permitted to apply for this opportunity.

Interested in hosting one of these exciting presentation opportunities? Be sure to submit the 2020 NLC Presentation Proposal Application by the deadline on April 1, 2020. Use the presentation application questions as a guide to help you when submitting the online proposal form.

Important Dates:

May 1, 2020 – Presentation proposal deadline
May 1, 2020 – Must be registered for NLC by this date to be considered
May 15, 2020 – Selected presenters will be notified and sent a confirmation letter to sign
June 1, 2020 – Signed confirmation letter is due back to FCCLA
July 5-9, 2020 – National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.


  1. FCCLA does not reimburse conference presenters for registration, travel, or hotel expenses.
  2. Commercial solicitation is prohibited at all presentations. If you are representing a commercial interest, your presentation must be educational in nature. If the essential purpose of a proposal promotes books, materials, or services for sale, it will not be accepted. 
  3. FCCLA seeks to continually expand the representation of and build capacity for diverse perspectives within the organization. Diversity is an inclusive concept which encompasses, but is not limited to race, ethnicity, class, gender, age, sexuality, ability, educational attainment, spiritual beliefs, creed, culture, tribal affiliation, nationality, immigration status, political beliefs, and veteran status. Please take into consideration these equity, diversity, and inclusion statements as you develop your content and prepare your presentation proposal. 

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