Check out the National Leadership Conference Schedule At-A-Glance below. Please note that this agenda is tentative and subject to change. Below are some conference highlights, including the general sessions and keynote speaker.

Conference Mobile App Whova

As we get closer to the conference, registered attendees will receive an email (to the email identified in your NLC registration) to download and sign in to the FCCLA NLC app, Whova. The app will be the go-to location for the most current conference schedule and other pertinent information:

  • Speaker/Presenter bios and information
  • Description of each session offered
  • Maps of the conference location
  • Exhibitor and Sponsor information
  • National Officer Candidate photos and bios
  • And more... 

General Sessions

Opening General Session

Join us as we kick off the National Leadership Conference with the National Executive Council. Key events occurring during this session include:

  • Welcome and Opening Ceremony
  • Introductions of Current National Officers
  • Presentation of Awards
  • Introduction of the National Officer Candidates
  • Keynote Speaker – Romeo Salvador

Business Session

The National Executive Council conducts the organization's official business, reporting on key topics to all members and facilitates the vote on proposed bylaw amendment(s) approved through the National Board of Directors. Join the National Executive Council and peers from across the nation to celebrate the successes of outstanding accomplishments of fellow members, advisers, and chapters. All attendees are welcome. Key events occurring during this session include:

  • Official Business and Reports
  • Membership Package Vote

Top 20 National Officer Candidate Speeches

Listen to the top 20 National Officer Candidate speeches before the 2023-2024 National Officer Elections.

Recognition Session

Join us as we recognize national award winners. Key events occurring during this session include:

  • Fashion Show
  • FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl Finals
  • Presentation of Awards
  • Introduction of the 2023-2024 National Officers


FCCLA will recognize the top ten STAR Event finalists from each event at each level. Come and cheer on these finalists and support their hard work throughout the year and see the top three (3) in each event and each level receive recognition and applicable scholarships.

Closing General Session

Join us as we close out the conference with these key events:

  • Recognize scholarship and other award recipients
  • Say Yes to FCS Signing Ceremony
  • Say farewell to the 2022-2023 National Executive Council
  • Welcome the incoming 2023-2024 National Executive Council.

Keynote Speaker 

FCCLA is fortunate to welcome Romeo Salvador as the keynote speaker at our Opening General Session. Romeo is not a massive fan of traditional bios. He likes stories. Here's one he thinks will give you an excellent introduction to who he is.

April 19, 2005, was a day that changed Romeo's life forever. He was sitting in the front row at college graduation. His mom was an instructor at the college at the time. As the graduation began, the program director came to the microphone, and she looked confused. She walked up to Romeo's mom and whispered something in her ear. Romeo's mom approached him, told him the motivational speaker didn't show up, and asked if he would do it. He asked her how much time he had, and she said five minutes. He declined. 

Romeo's father then elbowed him in his chest. He still feels like he has an indention in his chest cavity. It was his father's way of saying I don't care what you say; you need to take advantage of this opportunity. Romeo was living with his parents with a college degree from the University of Maryland at the time. But he wasn't doing anything with his economics degree. He nodded to his mom, indicating that he would do it. For the next five minutes, he wrote four words on a piece of paper: passion, patience, priorities, and perseverance. The program director introduced him, and as they say, the rest is history… He's been honored to speak at that college 32 times over the last 18 years.  

Since that day back in 2005, a lot has changed. Romeo has since received his MBA and has traveled the country over the last 15 years, speaking, training, and coaching tens of thousands of students and educators about a straightforward idea: Every Kid Can Be a Hero! His first book is nearing completion. It's titled, A Teen's Guide to Living Freely: 5 Life-Saving Truths for a Generation Desperately Looking for Something to Hold Onto.

He's an average guy with an above-average commitment to connecting to the heart of people. On a personal note, he's married to a beautiful woman. Her name is Natalie. They have two amazing kids, Landon and Calleigh. Landon is a high schooler, and Calleigh is entering her 8th-grade year. He loves grilling, anything Apple, the New York Football Giants, and the Boston Red Sox. Romeo looks so forward to elevating and empowering the FCCLA student leaders.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.