Vendor Agreement Form

Instructions to advisers: Do not fill out this form. Please forward link with the form to your vendor/supplier and ask them to submit for approval.

Instructions to vendors/suppliers: Fill out and submit the form below to receive approval to produce promotional items, apparel, or merchandise with the FCCLA logo, acronym, or other trademarks.

Artwork and Logo Usage

All artwork must be approved by National FCCLA before being produced. Incorrect logo usage could delay further processing. Refer to the FCCLA brand guidelines for complete details on correct logo usage.

If you do not have an online version of the artwork, please email a copy to

Terms and Conditions

The Vendor through execution of this agreement hereby acknowledges that it is familiar with and consenting to the policy set forth by Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc. (FCCLA) for the one-time use of its emblematic marks, logo, name and/or acronym (FCCLA) in order to produce the items requested.

In exchange for the permission granted to use the FCCLA mark on this occurrence the Vendor understands a copy of the invoice of the full order will be submitted to FCCLA with a royalty payment representing five (5) percent of the total order within 30 days of delivery of product. Products may not be produced until this agreement has been fully executed.

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