Family and Consumer Sciences Cluster in the Career Cluster Framework

FCCLA is excited to champion the inclusion of a Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Cluster in the Career Cluster Framework. Together with esteemed business and industry leaders, along with a network of FCS professionals, we advocate for a modern update to the Framework.

This update would not only reflect the evolving demands of workforce development but also incorporate the essential fields where professionally credentialed educators are preparing today's youth. By embracing the FCS Cluster, we are not just adding a category; we are enhancing foundational skills and career readiness for future professionals. We encourage decision-makers to see the value in this vital addition, paving the way for a comprehensive and forward-thinking Career Cluster Framework.

Please visit the LEADFCS Education website to learn more and help all understand that supporting an FCS Cluster makes the framework meet the modern needs of today’s workforce career preparation for all youth.

Members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.