Power of One


Power of One helps students find and use their personal power. Members set their own goals, work to achieve them, and enjoy the results. The skills members learn in Power of One help them now and in the future in school, with friends and family, in their future at college, and on the job.


Have you ever thought about a special goal? Maybe you would like to develop better study habits, cope with a physical challenge, get along with a sibling, improve job skills, become a leader - or any other personal goal. Power of One is for You! You select the goals most important to you, then create a plan of action to meet them.

Power of One Units:

Each youth-created Power of One project relates to one of the following five units:

  • A Better You - Improve personal traits
  • Family Ties - Get along better with family members
  • Working on Working - Explore work options, prepare for a career, or sharpen skills useful in business
  • Take the Lead - Develop leadership qualities
  • Speak Out for FCCLA - Tell others about positive experiences in FCCLA.


FCCLA offers national recognition to members who complete all five FCCLA Power of One units. This honor includes special recognition on the FCCLA website and at the National Leadership Conference. To gain recognition for your Power of One accomplishments, complete the Five Unit Recognition Application and submit it to your chapter adviser. Your chapter adviser must then submit your name in the FCCLA Portal by the deadline.

2018-2019 Power of One Recipients

Deadline: Names must be submitted in the FCCLA Portal by March 1. The online award system will automatically close March 1, 5:00 p.m. EST.


Many FCCLA state associations also offer state recognition. For more information, contact your state adviser.


Learn how to apply here!


Five Unit Recognition Application


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