Rural Teen RSA

FCCLA’s Rural Teen Road Safety Assessment (RSA) initiative enhances peer-to-peer education and promotes teen driver safety by having students look at the roads we use every day to see if they are safe for teens and everyone else.

FCCLA Members participate in this program to bring awareness to infrastructure safety and to educate their peers and community members. It is an opportunity to focus on an area specific to them that either they or their peers drive/walk every day. It is an eye-opening opportunity that can potentially lead to big changes if the road safety assessment proves an intersection is unsafe or dangerous. These assessments can help to make teens better drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

This youth-led effort engages students, school administrators, local law enforcement, and others to study an intersection in front of or near your school or community. The goals of the program are to:

  • Use peer-to-peer education to engage students in addressing a geographic area they use daily, whether walking or driving
  • Connect students with local members of their community to address road safety
  • Help teens become smarter drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, through education and awareness

Ready to Make a Difference?

Take the lead in shaping positive change within rural communities by initiating your Teen RSA Project today! Dive into the resources below, designed to help you seamlessly plan and execute your impactful initiative:

  • Promotional Flyer:
    Capture attention and inspire chapter members with this flyer, crafted to promote your project and spark participation.

  • Rural Teen RSA Toolkit:
    Navigate every step effortlessly, from project inception to team recruitment and results sharing. This comprehensive toolkit provides a detailed guide for the success of your RSA project.

  • Press Release Template:
    Generate excitement in your community with this template, allowing you to create a compelling press release ahead of your RSA event.

  • Checklist:
    Stay organized during your RSA with this checklist. Gathering key data using this tool will be essential in preparing your post-event report.

  • Report Word Version:
    Streamline the reporting process with this Word document containing essential questions. This tool is crafted to assist you in presenting your responses effectively. To qualify for the $1,000 cash award, ensure you submit your FACTS National Program Award Application and complete the RSA Report by March 1, 2024.

For any inquiries or additional assistance, feel free to contact us at Let's collaborate to make a lasting impact!

FACTS Rural Teen RSA Awards

In partnership with the Ford Motor Company Fund, FCCLA is providing an opportunity for chapters that successfully complete Rural Teen RSA projects during the 2023-2024 school year to earn national recognition. This recognition includes a $1,000 cash award for the top twelve (12) projects.

For the opportunity to receive recognition, follow the steps below:

  1. Gather your chapter members and develop a plan to host a student-led RSA in your community. Utilize the resources available on this page and through your local traffic safety organizations to conduct the RSA. 

  2. After completing your RSA, submit the FACTS National Program Award application in the FCCLA Portal. Chapters must also complete the RSA Report Form as part of the application to be eligible for the $1,000 cash prize.

Deadline: FACTS National Program Award Application including the RSA Report Form must be submitted in the FCCLA Portal by March 1, 2024.

Learn more about conducting a Rural Teen RSA in the Toolkit linked below. 

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